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A water crossing I didn't cross!!

A water crossing I didn't cross!!

This is a better shot than I previously posted of a water crossing we decided not to chance , during my round Australia trip. Those slippery rockmelon/cantaloupe size rocks would have been disaster if we'd tried to cross with heavy bikes under full load.



Agreed! I have come to similar passes that I have "passed" on! In Amarillo with BigG1 a couple years back, one park had enough flooding to cover the road about to the hubs & flow long enough to create a very slippery trough. We pondered a few, but chose wisely in the end.

Smart choice Vardy.

Probably the best choice

Maybe a smart choice not to cross, but.... I think it could be great fun for us to see if you did!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

It surely would have been a challenge I think you did right by not trying.

As long as the water is not flowing very fast and you could stand up in it if you did fall over that is ok. It is when to water is flowing fast and has the chance to sweep you on down stream is the problem. Then again, trying to pick up a fully load bike when you can get good footing is a problem. And that would have been the problem

Decisions Decisions, good choice Peter.

Seems to be a no Brainer to me. Those are big rocks and no footing good choice

Depending who I was with, I probably would have had a go.... as long as it was with your bike! :P

Yep OPs are always the best !!

If there were three of us, we would have tried it. All luggage would have been walked across; then each bike would have been ridden across at walking pace with the other two riders holding up each side. Simples!!

And then there is the Robbie Maddison riding on top of the water.

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