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Wayne &a Phil changing out screen

Wayne &a Phil changing out screen

Phil claimed he couldn't see the road.



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Not at this point in time yet as we had a short ride up above Green Grass Vałley before the barbie. mine when you get back.

That's because he closes his eyes whenever there's an oncoming vehicle !!!!!

Maybe it's because he's riding on the right side of the road and not the wrong side, lol

and that's unusual?

Did you put the training wheels on for him as well?

So that was why he was so far behind us

No he just likes to pace himself (like a snail)

Matt, that's being hard on snails.....


Turn off the upper case ... that's yelling and is very rude.

Normal for Phil....and he's hard of hearing......

I KNOW, AND I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know but I think for all his blustering Phil has a soft side in there somewhere.

Who??? Me??? Never!!!!!

Valerie at least he will NOT admit it.

Ok it's a secret. Shhhhh

Valerie... his nickname isn't "soft serve" for nothing!

Ok you guys!!!!!! I can hear all this you know!!!!!! Stop talking about me like I wasn't here!!!!!!!!!!

You were there Phil, but not here now, you are not in my sight. And what would you do if we didn't talk about you? You would be bored.

If we didn't talk about Phil we'd have to talk about Randy

Soft serve? Let's not get too personal! Lol

it's okay to talk in front of me as I usually can't hear you anyways. Other people though, you need to talk behind their back or they will hear you. LOL Problem is I have such a boring life there is not much to talk about.


Ooops sorry's not you. Lol

That's about the truth Al.

HE has a soft side and I know where its at.
While replacing the windscreen Phill only dropped the screws 3-4 times. I found him very mechanically inclined with his new tools and all. Look at all the love being spread around you Phil

Yeah. I am seeing it. I am not trusting it, but I am seeing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a good thing you have those BIG shoulders RIGHT!!! Just feel the LOVE being spread... GET home yet?

Not yet Wayne . We've arranged for him to be detained at Sydney airport ... and to be given the rubber glove treatment !!

I think it probably needs to be done a number of times Vardy. Thorough.

Thanks for looking after us Vardy. We came in via Melbourne and sailed straight through. Easy peasy.

I knew that ... that's why I had an alert put on you in Sydney ... throw everyone off the scent ;o))

Welcome home.

Thanks buddy. You're a gem

What a great bunch of friends you have PHil.

Nobody will ever admit to that Wayne!

Just keep him guessing

Phil who?

All of you can get knicked!!!!!!!!!

I still FEEL the LOVE Phil. I'm working on poo catcher for ya.

Very possible Phil as I will be sharpening the lean mower blade tomorrow

A big strip of tape to go over Phil's mouth should catch all the poo scruffy.

Al, F&&& off!!!!!!!!!

C'mon Phil. Where's your respect for your elders?

Right next door to my F&&& off!!!!!!!!!


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