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Wayne & Randy meet up with Drew

Wayne & Randy meet up with Drew

A windy ride from Medford to Castro Valley. More fun to come



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I think you two should come up to Napa early AM, I make some pancakes and eggs. Then we can head up through Napa Valley and then cut accross the mountain to Santa Rosa then on to Bodega Bay for lunch. Then we can shuck oysters at Tomalus Bay. Then head up to the Iverness Light House. Then can head to high point for pictures of Golden gate, and low point for some pics. Then go across the GG bridge to Civil war fort and get more pics of GG. Then head to the cliff house for beers or cocktails. Then off to Coit Tower. If you still hungry, theres a ton or restruants in SF. At this point I go North and you two go south east back to motel. You might see if PhilCole can ride with us, you want to do this.

....and then drink beer!

No beer. We are whiskey drinking

Have a good time together!

Enjoy. Ride safe guys.

Good to see you guys catch up.

Glad you guys were able to meet up.

Great to see the meet-up. Have fun and stay safe!

It's going to be an interesting day or two.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May you have smooth roads and fair weather. Ride safe and have fun.

It's all fun and games, til someone loses a liver.

I'm envious. Sounds like a hell of a good time to me.

COOL!!! Have fun and ride safe.


Got to meet Phil today along with Kyle. Maybe meet Joseph Bubbleman Great roads to ride just too much traffic on them

Enjoy, take care and stay safe....'ve had two hours with Phil.....and you are still sane?

Drew, it is possible to live without one. I am walking proof!!!
Al, f&&& off!!!!!!!!!

Just read on news that San Francisco had massive power outage, you guys have anything to do with that ??? Lol

It is because the extra power draw to keep the beer cold...

Ride safe and make a lot of memories. Great to see you all could get together

What happens here stays here. Hear nothing see nothing know nothing

In the mean time I'm keeping Roadie safe from Phil.

PhilCole, all you need is 50% of one and you can grow your own.

Done. I will go to he shops today and buys one!!

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