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Wayne, Steve, Trish at Grand Teton National park

Wayne, Steve, Trish at Grand Teton National park

Impressive they are but to think the Tetons are only half the height of the Himalaya Mt. Everest.  If Gert came to visit the Tetons, probably would have to put him on oxygen tank to survive.


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Nice shot Randy. Good friends for sure

Beautiful shot

Maybe it surprise you Randy, but I went to Austria for skiing for several years. Mountains in Fiss and Nauders till about 3.000 meters high and I survived without the need of extra oxygen!

Gert, were you smoking at the time? If so, I guess you will survive here.

Ahhh, memories

Yes, I was Randy. How stupid I was. I started smoking when I was about 21!

That's about when I quit Gert. LOL.
Nice shot of good friends Randy.

Great shot Randy. Steve looks as though he's found a pub. Smiley-wink

He was definitely looking for one.

Nice shot indeed!
I love backdrops like that! ☺

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