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We Are On A Beach Too, Gert!

We Are On A Beach Too, Gert!

Rodeo beach, Sausalito, California. We rented a car and drove out of San Francisco, over the Golden Gate, to Sausalito, where we spent the morning and had breakfast. Then we drove up to wine country at Sonoma and had a WONDERFUL lunch (with wine!) at Viansa winery. After lunch we went back down to Sausalito and took a walk along the beach........temperatures in the mid-eighties, with nothing but sunshine. (And it is SNOWING in Calgary....yech)


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Enjoy your stay in the states. Over here the sun s finely out after days of hard rain.

Great pic, Len. Looks like fun was had. Keep enjoying

Great photo of you both. I'd stay there if I was you. Only early winter to come back to. UGH!!!

Beautiful Len ! Smiley-laughing
Very nic picture !
Good on ya both dooing such a trip.
Perfect preparing going back to the much loved and longed snow ! Lol

Lovely pic Len. I've been to the places you mention ... and did the exact same thing !! LOL Enjoy while it lasts.

Living in the middle of Holland, I like every time I visit the seacoast at the west side of our country. I can understand you both had a great visit to the coast Len! Great pic... good to see you had a great time there!!

Great photo Len and sounds like a great day was had.

I am jealous.

Great pic guys. We love that area too. We just have not done any motorcycling there however!

Double ditto on a Great Pic Len. I've been to that part of northern California many times on business trips, I'm sure that both of you had a fantastic time there.

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