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Off We Go

Off We Go

Valerie, Randy, Wayne, Steve and Trish. Ater playing in the snow we are no off to Yellowstone. What a great time we had


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Watching Steve and Trish in the snow was great

It sure was

Yes it was, Snow is fun when one doesn't need to live in it for months on end.

so true Randy
Or shovel it day after day

I'm not gonna shovel, I'll stay home, lol

Great photo!

Randy, I'd rather have snow than ice. We get more ice than snow

True that Allen

Great shot Allen.
I am happy for ya all having the ride .

Great fun!
We don't get to play in the snow often. It is freezing here now, but no snow.

Cool photo Allen, that's biking at its best.

Living in snow about half a year, I hate it but those who don't see it at home have a great time in it

Like I said snow is fun when you don't have to live in it day to day

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