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We Had a Little Party ......

We Had a Little Party ......

I turned 65 back in February, but who travels in the middle of a Canadian winter, right?
My wife said we should throw a party in the summer instead, and We Did!
Capitol Idea! Scruffy & his wife travelled 12 hours, and FreeBear & PioneerGirl travelled 5 hours to help celebrate.



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Well done! Who’s the cute little boy in the sailor suit??

Yup, that's me, cowboy boots & all.
.... and that was just the beginning. I'm still that cute, aren't I?

As we say down here ... whatever you say is a fair thing. In other words i agree with you !

Love the cake. That's super! happy belated birthday.

The real question is. Who goes to Canada in the early Spring? Us. Bets and I went to Niagara Falls, Ontario In April.
It snowed every day. Still it was a nice trip.

Yes 65 may be the one birthday I really celebrate, most of the others are just another day. Although it won't be a retirement birthday party, maybe. Probably more like a semi-retirement. Time will tell. You had good company to help you celebrate.

Happy birthday mate!
Great to have your buddies with you as well!

WE had a great time. It took 3 days to recover, IT was FUN but my feet hurt the next day. I never did feel bad after all the Jim and strange wine and tequila shots. GOOD we only drove 400 miles and got a room.. Thanks for the invite and the great FUN.. See you soon in Missoula

Happy Birthday
What a great idea to wait until summer arrived to celebrate

What a great idea.
How is Stacey and Barry?

Yes, I guess I must be a long forgotten memory as I had sent them an email, but did not get a reply. More than likely technical changes maybe, or just really busy in life as most of us seem to be now days.

Barry an Stacey are great. I got him drunk and tried to dance with him. He kept running away from ME..
We all had a good time.

Hopefully I'll get to meet up with them again in the future, maybe when we get the CCC trip back to the northwest again in a year or two or 3.

Hope you had a Great Day ....
Ride Safe ...

That would have been a good video of you and Barry dancing. Smiley-laughing

Yes it would have Terry,

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