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It's supposed to be spring here. But the forcast for Saturday doesn't reflect it.




that is Mother Nature for you

Don't care for her at times

Better than here. It was -20C this morning!!

Yes Bill your weather is worse than ours. But we're not used to it this time of year

too cold

Eye, eye, Valerie

Makes one wonder what is REALLY going on though......

We’re not used to it either!! Last year I was riding for a month already, and two years ago I had the bike out in early February. ..... paying for that this year, I guess.

Len I ride every chance I get. Just haven't had many chances this year as in the past couple years

Allen, are you giving Valerie a bad time, "eye, eye" ? Valerie what do you mean too cold. Those where almost the temps in Dubois, WY.

Perhaps So Randy but I was having too much fun to notice

That was after you hit the 2nd hand shop and got some long johns

Just watching our boys taking on the Texas rangers in Arlington and everyone is bundled up and players are wearing neck warmers......shit, billy and I would be in shorts and tee shirt in that weather....

Very true Randy Smiley-laughing

Its still 90F down here!

Rub it in. You'll be getting your turn soon. LOL minus the snow conditions and we'll hear you all whining like when we can't ride.

Haha, even in the coldest Winter temps, we can still ride, just rug up.

Can't be too cold if you can get by with just throwing a rug over your shoulders.

Those a re good temps. You have that nice warm Goldwing with the warm seats and legs protectors new back rest. Ride and enjoy the crisp cool mornings..

Wayne, we're not used to those temps. So it's cold for us

Kind of like the humidity we will be riding in this summer? I think that will be way worse than the 32-55 F temps here. You can laugh at me then I'll just have to try and keep up with my cool beverages..

We can pack you with Ice to cool you down

That will work you'll have to get enough for Vardy too.

Good thing I'll be bringing the air conditioner and the heater. Will probably need both.

I'm good to 106 F. Not sure how high I can go with all the Humidity down there. I am good for 35-40 low temps with out any extra stuff. I'll see when I get there

Yes the humidity definitely makes a difference. 90 F with 80% + is like that 106 + dry heat.

What a difference a day makes, it is clear, sunny, and 84 degrees F here today. I will definitely ride later after the wind settles down a little.

TG, it's about 78F here. Wind gusts up to 30mph. But I rode to any way

IT was 65 F and 35 mph winds, I rode alll over the place today. If you live here and you wait for the wind to quit you will never ride. Glad you all got to ride it sure helps the no ridden blues. SPRING is here NOW...

I've never experienced any drifting in crosswinds on my VTX at all, but the Goldwing is a different animal in crosswinds. I have read lots of entertaining threads on Goldwing forums regarding crosswind riding. Lots of tips which have been helpful.

It can get very dicey here if your not use to the winds around here. If the wind is blowing 25 then the gusts are around 40 - 50. I can tell when folks that are not from here by the way they ride. They get tossed all over the place. I have friends that think I'm crazy to ride in the wind. They did not grow up here riding in it. I just give them a bad time. The worst winds I ever rode through were between a little town Prosser and Benton City.. 75 mph and 80-90 + gusts. That was a bit sketchy I had the KZ 1100 at 45 deg riding straight at times. That only lasted about 5 miles or so. It just something you have to deal with here in my part of the Washington State.` When it gets real bad I just tuck in behind a semi and follow real close. Let it blow through the wind, just like riding in the snow

..........and here? Guess what we had last night? MORE F##&ING SNOW!!! ............ from the winter that never ends.

Sorry to hear that Len

Bummer Len

Same here, we have snow coming sun and monday to amounts of 10 cm by monday. Dont know what to say at this point. This not only effects riding but bigger issue is work. This delays all construction projects and MY INCOME!
might have to join you lendirk in aus to work.........

I remember a number of winters in South Dakota where it was mid May before no more snow. What was worse though was the early spring of the last 3 weeks of April being nice and then get a nasty late early May blizzard that would freeze of budding plants, trees, etc.

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