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Weekend Snow

Weekend Snow

We got about 10 cm of snow on the weekend, and the forecast is for cool (cold) weather for the next week. Might be a good time to figure out how to change the air filter on the Valkyrie. That SHOULD be the last maintenance issue to do this spring.


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Snow? Oh, My!

Air cleaner is easy...once you remove the tank -- two bolts, one fuel line, one vacuum line and one vent line, plus remove the fuel switch lever with a #2 phillips head screw driver and a #10 (or #8) socket -- all it takes is a #2 phillips head screwdriver to remove the air cleaner cover. There is a gasket that seals the air box to be aware of. The other thing is to make sure that the vent tube for the tank is not pinched when you put it all back together.

(If you see a bit of oil in the bottom of the air box, that's perfectly normal. The crank case vents into there...)

Thanks Charlie!

Snow really sucks.

Uh oh, no riding today (or tomorrow or the day after by the look of it)

You get to make a snowman. Your a lucky guy.. I thought 55F was chilly today..

Now that's not a pleasant surprise. Talk to Bill. See if he can put some Voodoo on the snow.

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