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Well I bought it in more ways than one.

Well I bought it in more ways than one.

hey everyone I did it I bought my dream bike. A 2004 Yamaha Royal Star Venture (Midnight Special.) It was every thing every one and all the reviews said it would be and a lot more. Yamaha went over the top with these bikes that V-4 motor is so smooth its like ridding on the edge of a cloud. and the leather seat is so comfortable you just don't want to get off the bike for anything. I stop at a rest area to pee and asked the service attendent if they would bring the urinal to me because I didn't want to leave the bike...lmao!
The retro look that Yamaha used in the design for this particular bike I found out from Yamaha came from the insparation of the old Indian chief bikes. as most of you that know me know it was my dad with his old 1936 indian that got me hooked on motorcycles. so this bike for me even though its a metric was my Indian. Yes I said was. An hour and a half in to my trip home from hendersonville, NC. at the insection of I-26 and I-85 north I lost control of my dream bike while attempting to slow down faster than the 18 wheeler in front of me that was showing me how well his rear brake lights worked. as we turned in to the lower end of the I-85 ramp to go north the18 wheeler locked up his brakes and attempted to stop. At which point I had only two choices become part of the 18 wheelers load or lay the bike down. I did everything humanly possible to stop my bike and I just couldn't stop it fast enough at one point I thought I had it under control as that big touring bike started to turn sideways in the road. I thought I was going to be able to ride it out and stop in time but than it twitch back and I was thrown from the bike at 45 mph which is the speed limit for that ramp. I have discovered that the human body will remain arrowdynamic until it makes contact with the ground at which point it does not like to move much. I did however manage to keep my body from sliding on one side by remebering my dirt bike days and what to do in the event you have to lay your bike down and I rolled over and over and over again until my body stopped on its own. I did recieve an extreme does of road rash form my contact with the road.(both elbows, right palm and finger tips, and a big chunk of my right rear cheeck.) My helmet amazingly never got a single scratch.I don't blaim the truck driver for stopping like he did in the middle of the ramp I'm sure he had his reasons but he did play a big part in the accident even though I didn't hit him. three eye witnesses, the state trooper on the sceane, the EMT's, several nurse and a ER doctor, my insurance company, friends and family have all said I did the right thing at the right time. I know the bike is replaceble and I do intend to get another one just like the last one. Dad used to say "if you fall off the horse you need to get back on and ride  other wise the fear will eat you alive. So yes there is another Yamaha Royal Star Venture (Midnight Special.) in my future but  think I'm going to take the time to heel first.


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I glad it wasn't any worse. Take care and heal quickly.

Wow, glad it wasn't worse. Take your time a heal properly. Like you said you can get another bike

Glad it wasn't worse. Heal good and rest .

Brings back memories of my Tour Deluxe. Enjoy the ride!

I plan to enjoy the ride as soon as i'm healed up and get another one. I think some changes will be made both in the bike before I get on it and in the way the bike is set up. For example with me it will be Kevlar lined jeans and gloves based on the placement of my injuries. Also a new jacket in either mesh with Kevlar and the armor plating or leather with armor plating.
As for the bike the dual throttle cable design will have to go.having to manually idle down to shift or to stop is dumb a simple single cable design like my intruder had that releases the second you release the grip is a much safer design.Also ABS anti locking brakes both front and rear will be added and set up so that when the brakes are used together or separate the brakes will slow the bike to a stop rather than locking up the tires and skidding to a stop. also I think it high time that the world start using softer less abrasive materials like ground up used tires for paving our roads. doing this would help all biker that find them selves in the same predicament as I was in when I had to lay my bike down. a soft less abrasive road would mean bikes would not get as much road rash if any at all.

I know the feeling. April '15 I had a little off on my Valkyrie. Only a little bit of skin off. Some good scuffs on my leather jacket etc. Broken right tibia plateau, five broken ribs on the right and a fractured pelvis. Riding etc but parts of me are still suffering.

Well, welcome to the road rash club, 45 mph is a very dangerous roll on the pavement and your a lucky guy for sure. After my skid on the pavement I never wore jeans again, and now I have the top quality skid gear available and wear it every single ride with no exceptions. Every time I see other riders wearing tee shirts and shorts it makes me cringe, and think about when their turn to do some pavement dance how they will change their minds should they survive. I can't stress this enough for riders to really give it some thought when they are looking for riding gear, even then one is not exempt from injury but at least your might have a fighting chance.
I was just going to grab some milk, short trip, ended up skidding on pavement and got a nasty skid burn that took months to heal. Jeans just don't cut it, but in my mind I looked cool.......but with really good gear you can still look pretty good I say, in fact I get more compliments with my protection style gear than I did wearing jeans........

Sorry about the bike you were so excited about (I love the Ventures, too)... but there will be other bikes for you, and at least your injuries will let you heal & ride again soon. Glad you're still with us!!

Glad your OK SDYy. Bike is replaceable body parts are a bit harder. Always ride with my gear on, and hope never to fall off, cross fingers. Speedy recovery and good luck on your future bike.

Al you still having trouble in the pelvic area. I think it's got to do with age. LOL.

Glad to hear you're basically ok. Sorry it happened though, especially to your dream bike. I wear sliders 4.0 jeans and they're surprisingly comfortable even with all the Kevlar panels. They're a bit warmer than normal jeans but not a lot and definitely worth looking into

Raymond, I guess you would know. Lol. No, not there but knee, ribs etc still give me trouble.

Heal quickly and get back in the saddle.

Sorry to hear about the accident. Wish you success in finding another dream bike. For my riding comfort, I have gone with mesh textile with the padding. One of the places they miss padding in pants is the hips. They will have the knee pads which are need. One needs to think of impact and heaviness of the body is it is landing or rolling. The hips will hit at one time or another. Of course the knees, hands, elbows, and shoulders are all flopping around to be hitting the pavement. I have been in 2 wrecks and my gear kept me from getting any road rash. Still wear and use the gloves from the last one that has the battle scars on them. They served the purpose.

That's taking as long time to heal Al 2years now. I suppose at our age it does take a long time to recover.

Raymond, healed and usable....but I get a certain amount of pain. Had my ribs xrayed again about 12 months ago just to make sure no on-going bone issues. Seems to be in the cartilage. Knee, 4 breaks in the tibia plateau over 10 years, never gonna be real good but it works. Maybe it needs grease and oil? Just the pain level varies from day to day. I guess I shouldn't bitch, others are much worse off than me.

I have been eying that bike for a trade up from my entry level bike. Glad to hear you love it. Great endorsement for my to continue the plan to get one. I read your story and not to throw salt in your wounds, I think you need to take a motorcycle class as punishment for the accident. Now I like to follow trucks when I ride when am in not big hurry and or am tired which is the best methodology when riding. Especially at night when its dark and my headlights aren't giving me the comfort in the road ahead. But you need to pace yourself with them and follow them giving them plenty of room after all they tend to kick up pebbles at you when following them and they take a lot of braking power to slow down, so they should be safe to follow provided you've given them their space. From your story, I think you are riding a bit careless. You need to be extremely cautious on a motorcycle as accidents on them can be very dangerous and deadly. I hope you do not quit riding, but become a very defensive rider. You will heal, and it will be a memory that should help you become the safe rider we all strive to be. "Live to ride, not die riding" is my philosophy. I've fallen before, so I am speaking from experience.

Bloody great bikes Drew. They are a bit heavy but it's not a real issue with the low seat height. COMFY seats for rider AND pillion too.

Drew, To start with I've been riding bikes since about age 15 I'm 59 now. as for motorcycle training or safety courses I just passed my NC motorcycle skill test for a full endorsement. normally most only take the NC skill test once I take it ever year and I do it on a big bike just to show the instructors who are also state troopers here in NC and bikers themselves that anyone that knows how to ride a bike can take there skill test on a big bike because they warn people that the testing area is a very tight course and recommend people take the skill test on a 125 to 250 cc bike. I also have a close friend that is a member of a motorcycle rodeo club these guys are all about safety and what they do they do well. I past their safety course as well. don't think because I have a friend in their club that they went easy on me actually I was the only one out of 100 riders that past their course on my intruder no less. In my dirt bike days when I was younger and before I got in to street bikes I had to learn to lay a bike down and be able to walk away from it after or get back on the bike and at least finish the race.
Now several thing came in to play with my accident that at the time I was not aware of and even if I was at the time could do little about and have only lead to more questions pertaining to other accidents that have taken place on that same on ramp with other motorcyclist this year in the exact same scenario. one or two accidents on the same ramp involving bikes is possible but nine over a period of 8 months in not accidental and needs to be investigated. Yes I may have been following a bit to close but only because I couldn't pass and I couldn't slow down fast enough to keep up with the truck driver the speed limit on that ramp was 45 mph which was what I was doing as I was attempting to slow down when the truck driver in front of me for what ever reason he felt he had decided to lock up his brakes. Also I was on a new and unfamiliar bike to me this was my first touring bike in hind sight I probably should have trailer-ed the bike home rather than drive it the 378 miles to my home at least by doing that I might still have the bike sitting out in front of my home right now and we wouldn't be having this conversation. I was downshifting and braking all at the same time and this was all in a matter of maybe 30 seconds time before I was actually thrown from my bike. I have three letter that I filed with my accident report for witnesses that saw everything as it took place. one for an off duty nurse who was right behind me, another from the off duty EMT right behind her and the SC state trooper right behind the EMT. all three explained what the saw and stated in there letters that I did everything I could to maintain control in the situation. it's easy when your not involved to sit back and make suggestions to someone about finding better ways to do things or suggest they take other courses of action but when your right there and your the one trying to control a situation like that its a whole different ball game. I did what i had to only as a last resort. I was looking for other options at the time as well but because of the positioning of the truck on the ramp at the time I had no other choice. I've look at that ramp on google earth map. and if I had to do it again yes there was one other thing I could have done but I was not aware of it at the time.
I didn't know that the upgrade on the grass around the ramp was flat other wise I might have had a better out come in this situation. So yea there were things I could have done but because they were unaware to me at the time I did what I thought was the best thing for everyone involved.

Well it's a dangerous sport, but I like it. Sorry for your accident. I only formed my opinions for someone who I thought maybe less experienced. Sorry about the bike. Was it not insured?

yea its a common misconception among those of us with an opinion no hard feeling here. I know we all have two things we are born with in live and both work very well for most of us. opinions and butt holes...lamo!
Yea after the haggling with the dealer ended on the friday before I called my bank and gave them the information they needed they said they would FedEx the check for the bike over night to the shop and it would be there the following day unfortunately the shop was closed on Saturday (Mormons go but would be open Sunday and Monday. When I knew the money was on its way I contacted my insurance company and by Saturday morning the bike was fully covered.So that when I drove off Monday I was covered for the cost of the bank loan at least. now I have to start from scratch and build a new down payment for the next bike. I can tell you this if the other Royal Stars ride as smooth as that one did I already know what the next one is going to be.

yea they are Al smoother than silk when you shift to. and that 5th gear overdrive is awesome because of the bikes suspension you really have to watch the speedometer to. you may feel like your only doing 40 mph and when you look down it says your doing 80 mph. I though dropping from a 1400 to a 1300 cc bike I would be losing but boy was I wrong that was by far the best bike I've ever owned and I plan to buy another one. a friend over on face book and I are planning a road trip to Cuba.we are both in agreement that the bike is so smooth that we can actually drive all the way there and not realize we actually ran out of road in Florida till after we pull up on the beach in Havana...lmao!

yea I need to make a change in the way I dress for riding these days having to put my new bike down showed me that much. of course looking at my injuries has told me a lot about the type of armor i need as well. While a Kevlar mesh jacket that is affordable to an everyday biker would be nice the armor is side it should also be a Kevlar compound of some sort that will resist the high speed scrapping and gouging that takes place during a slide. most of the stuff I been looking at is nothing more than cheap plastic at best or a graphite compound of some sort. There needs also to be set standard for this stuff so that serious riders don't find them selves falling victim to the cheaper versions of what come out of other Asian countries that I won't bother to mention. the other thing that needs to happen is the company's that are making the Kevlar riding Jeans need to start making them in more than 4 or 5 sizes.If I needed a pair right now I'd be making my own. because I have a longer leg than any of them seem to offer. on the other hand these company's should be talking with the textile manufactures and designing a new type of denim material.that actually has the Kevlar woven in to the denim material rather that just panels sewn in to place.
And while I'm on the subject leather or textile gloves with Kevlar panels in the palms and or woven in to the material of textile gloves to better help protect the riders hands in the even the rider finds him or her self face down in a slide and needs to push off to roll.Ask anybody on here I used to look at the armor and Kevlar as more of a joke because when I started out you took you er lumps and just lived with it. not any more I learned my lesson the hard way. back ,elbows chest, hips, knees, and shins, gloves as well are all going to be covered in some sort of Kevlar even if I have to go buy dirt bike gear to make it happen.

I am glad then all you lost was the down payment. You can recover from that. Ya armer is something I considered but if I don't feel comfortable riding with all that gear then it sort of kills it for me. A full face helmet would kill it for me. Lets face it if I fall at over 40 mph it will be bad. I try to believe that thinking about safety while driving is going to save me, but there are no win scenarios out there, and its a risky sport. If it's hot I don't wear my leather coat and gloves.

Thanks for the input on the bike. I see a 2008 one with 38k miles on it for $4900. Tempting. Well its a ways off. But I am looking. What do you think of this one?

yea took the better part of the last two months but you can't even tell I got any road rash now. still having those nightmares though that creep in when I sleep.(something I've been working through nightly.

Yea Drew when I went down the only safety gear I had on was my helmet and my steel toes.both of which are mandatory here in NC.Like you I refuse to wear a full face helmet. here it not only gets hot but it gets humid to. I have my half and my 3/4 helmets the half in the spring summer and fall. and the 3/4 in the winter to keep my ears warm.
Oh and just a quick note for you. a friend a couple of towns over from me teaches a motorcycle safety course that specializes in how to react in the even of a slide on your bike. he also rides with a group that does those motorcycle rodeos. I explained what took place in my accident and what I did. he also said I did everything by the book and there wasn't anything that he could teach me to do different. he also asked if I'd be willing to teach a class for him... I past on he was looking for someone to do a

I'm completely healed all road rash is gone and I heal so complete that to look at me now you can't tell I had any road rash at all. Still dealing with the nightmare though I'm sure in time they to will pass.
The insurance company finally agreed to a settlement and the bank and i will be talking after the settlement comes in and the present loan is paid off.If all goes according to plan I should be riding again after the first of the year.
I've even picked out six Royal Star Ventures 4 of which are midnights.

Good news glad to hear you are ready to get back on the horse...Iron Horse. Are you going to meet us in Arkansas?

Yes it is nice to hear things are working out for you. Hopefully the nightmare will also fade away.

Glad to hear you are heading up

Good to hear

That's awesome news.

No Sorry not this time drew. the doc and I thought i was healed up but than I mentioned an non-stop itching on the right hip just under the skin where the road rash was and he informed me after some testing that it was minor nerve damage and suggested I wait till 2019 before even thinking about getting back on the horse.So I'm using the down to to research my next bike and I've completed the design for my future house boat which has a special compartment just for my next bike. I'm als looking at body armor as well

2019? Man, that's a long break. I had an accident on my GS1000s 35 years ago. Had my house keys in the pocket of my jeans. A key went into my hip a bit. The whole area was bruised from the fall but even now I still get a similar itching type feel under the skin. I've learnt to live with it. It has reduced a bit over the years. Still getting used to the pain in my knee from a couple of spills. Not sure if it's age making it worse .

Ya I have a patch on my hip from a pavement skid 12 years ago and its still has a numb spot in the broken bones

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