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What do you think about this one Al?

What do you think about this one Al?

Saw this one yesterday, visiting some bikershops in the south of Holland together with Jan Dirk. The bike looked like brandnew, only 18.000 km and they ask 6.895,= Euro for this bike...


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$7,274.54 US at current exchange rate. $9,623.35 AU One sweet looking bike.

Beautiful ride

Very nice looking machine Gert , take it out for a spin ....

So... Your new bike Gert??

No Bill, I'm still very happy with my bike. I don't want to change at the moment.

I think there is one in the same colours near us.

Yep, no matter what your preference this is a beauty!

The red and white color scheme signifies a 1997 model...the first year of the Honda Valkyrie. Those bikes had more horse power than the subsequent year models. There's also a bearing in the rear end that's a little weak in the '97s that needs to be watched carefully. This bike has such low mileage that its rear end will be good for a while!

Well put Hildr

Beautiful bike !

Unusual colours but nice.

Raspberry and cream !!

Very nice Gert. He has the same bags as me. I only had the same colour matched panel done on the side of mine though. Considered whitewalls for mine but decided against it. Maybe the smaller pinstripe ones......

Love it ! just cant afford it

OMG!!! That bike would DEFINATELY suit me!!!!!!!

C'mon Marek! They have character checks before they let you buy one of these. Lucky for me I was able to bribe someone.

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