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what my Bird wants for Xmas

what my Bird wants for Xmas

i do believe my Bird wants my ass to be on it so much more than last summer.  Found Bird and Rebel fighting in the shed the other day.  Bird got moved to the garage.  Rebel stayed in the shed.  Will be giving Bird want she wants now that many of my projects are done.  One road trip planned for next summer, possibly one in April (weather dependent), one in Sept.  Heck need to think of what to do in July.  


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Hope the bird gets everything

Isn't it just like siblings. Always fighting.
Hope Bird gets in some more miles with your bottom on her

Yes Bird gets to go out tomorrow for the Toy run and poor little Rebel has to stay home this time.

Enjoy ! Smiley-laughing
Nice pic

Glad for you the weather is still good enough, so you're still able to choose which bike you want to take for a ride... I've been waiting for dry and sunny weather so I can give big Red his final polish so I can cover the bike in blankets for its wintersleep... next week will be that moment, as they finally pronounce that kind of weather for a few days...

No ideas for July? Do you alway think that far forwards??? What about a ride to meet and greet Wayne and Randy (Noof) somewhere in the middle? A little CCC meeting in July... Just an idea... Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

I think Bird got a bit jealous. You need to cheer her up and get those rides in.

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