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what is Triumphin brainstorming to do now?

what is Triumphin brainstorming to do now?

Upgrading the Rebel into a mini bagger.   Found these saddlebags for $124 and they fit the Rebel so why not.  Now to get them mounted.  Need something to hide my rain boots in when I ride to work this winter.  Put in a gallon of gas the other day to top off the tank.  I had ridden 75 miles.  So love that 75 mpg versus the 14 mpg of the Tacoma truck.


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Good deal on the bags. Now need highway pegs on the bars to Stretch out.

Very nice. I have similar ones on the VLX.

Very nice.

Very practical

Cool, you will need some frames to hold the bags off the wheels.

Not to mutch for a good set of saddle bags Randy! Now you have to find the best possible way to mount them on your bike!

Yes Steve, made an L bracket to keep them out of the wheels. Have things tied done. Set to go. Will have to repost the pics as I have redid them a bit since posting on Facebook

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