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When at least the roads are clean from ice and snow and safe...

When at least the roads are clean from ice and snow and safe...

I can go for some short rides, using the little Honda CB 500... I cann’t wait! It’s about time. The Honda has a new chain, oil etc. etc. and is completely ready to go... and so am I... 


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Have fun!
My wife & I rode 7hrs in 45C heat last week. It was like breathing in fire.

Hope you can get out and ride soon Gert. Damn cold here. -41 C yesterday and -37 C today.

The "little" Honda looks prepared for a little touring.
What's the furthest you've ridden the CB500 in one day?

Little, Red looks ready to go.

Funny ... back in the day, a 500cc bike was not considered “little”!

Matt... not that far, we here in Holland talk more about how many hours instead of how many km’s. It is freeking busy here. Nearly no roads without corners and roundabouts and don’t forget traffic lights... Ask Dennis, who visited me and he can tell how busy our roads are compairing to for example Australia. When I go to Amstardam it is only 60 km from my house. During night time I can do it in about 40 minutes, I mean the citycentre... During daytime, specially early in the morning and between 15:00 and 19:00 it can take more than two hours to do the same! Traffic jam... our country is 250 km from east to west and about 430 from north to south. 17.8 miljon people and believe it or not... 8 and half miljon cars!!! Sometimes I think they are all driving around at the same time!!! LOL

Most km’s I did on the Honda will be about 280. Visiting my patents in law as they live right in the North of Holland so it is about 130 km one way.

Yes, Peter.... but look now, 500cc isn’t a big bike anymore. Big and strong enough to ride around during winter and comfortable enough to use as a good second bike!

Gert, it is about the same for me. I am only 60klms from Sydney centre and that can take 1.5hrs. I can do 60klms in the opposite direction over the mountains in about 40 mins.

Yes Vardy. I used to ride my mates 650 Norton (he lost his licence) and I lusted after a “big” bike since my ride was a 125 Suzuki. A little different to the 1500’s and 1800’s that have been in my garage in recent years.

Steve, the advantage of our location.

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