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Where Does Time Go?

Where Does Time Go?

Whilst out on our first ride of summer last week MikeMLC & myself couldn't work out when was the last time we rode together.
Anyway this morning I was going through some old photos & this photo was taken on the last ride MikeMLC & I went on.
Well Im embarrassed to say it was the last day of 2015 (31.12.15).


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It goes too fast that's for sure

Matt, it may have been the last day. But you was together for a ride

Time does fly, I will be in Tennessee riding with my brothers this weekend, first time since July 2nd. The goal is to do the same next weekend. Never a dull moment when the three of us can ride together. Smiley-laughing

Is it summer already?

Not yet Steve ... we are looking at rain and wind over the next couple of days when we want to get to Wison's Promontory !!

Stop winding your clock forward! You only do ONE hour!

Nice picture and a Nice moment to remember , Matt ! Smiley-laughing
I like the Indian way of thinking about time though ( at least thats what I have learned)
"Time is coming!"
How do I want to spend the time coming up on me ?
Just had one like that. My brother (from another mother) that I see a couple of times a year was up north for a week. We had 5 days out on an island at the coast 3 of us and well in town again, two days befor he was flying south again we were in a way full of our company! Than we got a message form another "brother" calling from a hospital further north. He had a heart issue and was sent by air-ambulance up there. He is ok now! Well, this made me think. I never know what tomorrow bring so I picked up the phone and called my friend in town. We met down town and had a wonderful evening just us two with a real good Turkish meal and a couple of beer before moving to a bar for a couple of single malts and a lot of talk and laughs about now and the riding days of ours years ago! No late evening but a Very Good one we agreed on !
Make sence ?

Thank you

Time does fly Matt.
Sure does Arild.

'Time and tide wait for no man'

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