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Which one is mine again?

Which one is mine again?

I forgot which one was mine. A white one I think it was. Lol. A few bucks just floating there most days.


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B O A T Brake Out Another Thousand

Thousand? Things must be cheap on your side of the world. Lol.

Its usually several thousand.

Yep. You're right.

A boat is a hole in the water to throw money into. I used to build molds for fiberglass boats for Cobia Boat, Robalo AMF/Slickcraft and Victoria Yacht. I don't own a boat.LOL.

We had a 26' sailboat for 20 years and work at putting $400 in it a year. Most of that was rent to keep it some ware.

Sold it for a used power boat. Every time we took it out it broke. The best thing I did was to get rid of it.

I own two kayaks that have only seen rain water in the last 30 years. A boat would get less use than my bike.

I run other peoples boats. The only way to fly.

Certainly sounds more economical.

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