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who the hell is that with Polssken?

who the hell is that with Polssken?

Almost looks like someone was trying to be me?



The little rat head. he doesn't recognize him self in the telly

That blue vest looks like Valerie

Not me. I don't wear skulls. I feel it would be calling evil unto myself.

This pic is courtesy of Gert. I think Roadie took a big drink of Marek's glass when he wasn't looking when he was editing his pics and videos. That is why he doesn't recognize himself.

Randy, of course Roadie did

Too much to drink again. The little runt.

LOL ! Sisu may act like that under simular sist.

I remember once I put a mirror on the floor when my dog was a puppy. He run to the mirror and the first thing he did was looks behind it where he could find that friend he saw in the mirror... End of the joke, he was a smart little dog at that time...



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