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Whoops! #7

Whoops! #7

1981 CB750F


Own Photo: 


So you told her it followed you home.

Yep, and lifted my wallet.

Very nice! I’ve been thinking of getting a Honda Bol d’Or 900 ... but then being sensible overcomes me and i forget about it ... till I see one !

If I remember right those were kind of FAST. Sure is perrty

Vardy, Al sent me a link to a 900 for sale today, I think he wants me to divorce.
Wayne, It rides great, not like a 37 year old bike.

Will b just right for me

Steve, you going to keep it original or give it a Cafe racer do over, wouldn't take much effort to do so. For an 1981 bike it has all the goods, either way looks to be a very nice example of that model.

Dub, I going to keep it as stock as I can. Frank has a CB750K as well. I might join his vintage club.

Very nice pick up Steve for a 81 model it looks new. Congrats. You must be running out of room at home by now.

Well and truly Ray. I am getting the 83 750 Magna running properly and moving it on.

That may take a while Steve. Plus a few cartons. Smiley-wink

Nice pick up Steve. How many Ks.....wait a minute didn't you just picked up 2nd VTX. uummm I'm in the wrong line of work. Smiley-laughing

Always on the look out for a good buy. It has 88K on it but has had a professional engine rebuild. Its rides great for an old girl.

Steve we meet the guy you bought that bike from today at Bilpin. Small world.

Really? On his Spyder?

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