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Why I Ride.

Why I Ride.

Sharing moments like this, giving my two and a half year old granddaughter her first motorcycle rides makes life worth living. She absolutely loves it. It must be in her genes. :) 



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What a great pic TG! The first ride but I'm sure she will join you more often in the future!

Cool! It must have been hard finding a helmet so tiny.

Great shot TG.

Way to go TG.

That's priceless! Enjoy those times.

Wonderful to see!

Beautiful. Teach her well.The Spirit of Bessie Stringfield lives.

Fantastic photo, Will! Teach her young, and she might just inherit the passion!

That's priceless!!

Super cool.

Love it! She looks right at home there on the 'Wing!

Well great going Grandpa. Now you have to buy another bike when she gets her license. I have done it twice now, time goes fast so cherish these great moments. Nice shot of you two.

Oh thats a treasured memory right there.

That is very special TG, better start putting away some $$$ for her first bike

That's awesome! My son used to ride with me when he was little and then he started riding dirt bikes. He's now 16 and is wanting to take the state mandated motorcycle course to get his motorcycle license. His first bike -- a Kawasaki TTR 90 -- is now in the hands of my oldest granddaughter.

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