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wildlife along the Parkway

wildlife along the Parkway

All the travel brochures said to watch out for deer, bear, turkeys, etc, but the only wildlife I saw was this.


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Gee thanks. LOL

I take it you out of arms reach now Randy!

Hey now. I would not hurt Randy..... I cant outrun him

I told her to hold still at the time so I could post it

I see it, its a Val-kyrie . Lol Sorry Val couldn't help myself. Nice pic though.

Now that's pretty wild.

A Texas rose??

Yes a Texas rose along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Wildlife and it’s not jumping around or something like that! Strange...... LOL

Probably can't tame that wildlife!

This wildlife will shoot back!

Nah, don't look too wild to me .... but then again I am outa swinging range down here Smiley-laughing

Ride Safe ...

true Capt, more dangerous than a black bear if you get her all riled up. Just like a black bear, use some honey and they are nice and calm, same with Val.

Called a delicate balance.

Move away very slowly and no eye contact.. The wild Texas rose can get a little wild.. Nice pic..

Awe you guys flatter me

Valerie ... if you weren’t in our thoughts we wouldn’t be talking about you!

If it weren't for Valerie and her long trips, we wouldn't be getting together as often.

Besides, Betsy now rides in the rain (more Iike down pour). And ride for 300 miles.

Thanks guys
Betsy did awesome!!! She should be able to hold her own with any of us after that day on the Parkway

Absolutely! ...and that's a great Val-pic, Randy!

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