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Wile they were in Wyoming

Wile they were in Wyoming

This is a stop along the Skyline Drive. A National Park. Its 105 miles long. We left home and 8 hours later we got to Waynesboro VA for the night. Rode though sun, rain and clouds.


Own Photo: 




Nice view

You do have to watch your self. Or you would be over the cliff.

What a great pic. As long as it didn't rain, what the hell. Great to see you both out and enjoying the ride

One does not need tall mountains to create nice rides.

Nice vstar 1100 black with studs..nice or its a 650

Nice shot.

Drew its a 650. She loves it.

Capt, that's a good bike

Very nice photo.

Great shot mate. ☺
Cool that you both ride !
Be safe .

Skyline Drive looks to be a great scenic ride. Great shot of the two of you, but who took the photo?

They did? Or maybe not. I have a remote button for my one camera thus I can put it on the mini tripod and take video or pics. Many cameras also have timers on them.

Some one offered to take our picture. Then we took one for them.

I got one of those remote thing for my go pro. it never worked.

Our ride ended at Natural Bridge VA. Then made our way home. Total round trip mileage was 588 miles.

Very nice view and shot Capt! You asked the right person to take the pic, maybe the best way to do a selfie! LOL

I've got to put a ride in Virginia on my bucket list. One of my brothers, Screaming Demon, was in Norfolk all last week and my other brother, Dragon Slayer is headed to Virginia Beach on Thursday or Friday this week.

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