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Wind deflector

Wind deflector

Hi guys and gals. Just install this wind deflector, no more head wobbling, works very good. I made it my self except the fork clamps that I got it on line, the all project cost me $23.00 . If anybody need the template, let me know, I got it on cardboard.


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ingenuity is always great. If there is a will, there is a way

Way to use your head. Don't know that I could've came up with something like that. Job well done and a great price, as well

Looks great, I hope it also works great but I think it will!!! Jobe well done!!

Two thumbs up Edgar, great craftsmanship.

Looking good. I have a screen on my Standard but haven't felt the need for any other additions....except maybe air conditioning in summer.

Great Edgar ! Well done !
Do you have more pictures from different angles? Would be nice!
I am experimenting myself and need ideas and solutions ! Smiley-laughing
Thanks ! Smiley-laughing

Yes I have, the problem is I can't post the album, but I'm going to try again.

Great job and saved a bunch of cash along with the pride of doing it yourself

Edgar, the photo album hasn't worked since I joined the site. Since they have new owners, it probably won't work

Edgar, are you on Facebook ?

No facebook. I can send you the picture by email. My girlfriend have facebook account.

yep, I try couple times.

Great job, looks professional. Maybe you should go on-line and sell 'em for $100.

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