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Wine Jacket

Wine Jacket

Spent more mi than we wanted to, lol




Ok now that's just a little yuppie..... LOL
Whats the front look like?
I think it matches those undies you were walking around in

LOL. I agree Val.

Damn Valerie your good. Lol

Stand out in a crowd!

As my daughter says : if you think real men don't wear pink then you haven't met s real man!

All dressed up and nowhere to go. Nice jacket Too make it real nice sew on the green rat.

Vardy, it's wine and black. But pink is my favorite color, lol(Aerosmith)

Ok ... blame the lighting on making it look pink LOL !!

It comes up scarlet on my monitor.....nice jacket Allen!

No ones said it. So I guess I will. I am tickled pink to see you in that. Did they use pinked shears to make that? I think I am seeing pink elephants. Make sure you have your pink slip. I bet you have your wife or girlfriend is wrapped around your pinkie with that jacket. One things for sure, your in the pink. You are not pretty in pink, or in black, white, yellow, green, purple, red, orange,..............

I think they soaked it in red wine, lol

Coat looks great, just giving you hard time.

So if we see you sucking your jacket it's just you getting the wine out not an insecurity thing

No problem Drew.
How'd you guess, Valerie

You can wear that on the next pink ribbon ride.

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