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Winter’s day too.

Winter’s day too.

Thought  about giving the Oldwing a clean and polish but went for a ride instead. Stopped and had a look at the local Honda dealer. He now sells Ural and Royal Enfield too along with Can Am and Suzuki. Checked out sone new helmets both there and another shop....just in case I should replace the current one. Nice pleasant afternoon out.


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The Oldwing still looks good. Word has it were only to keep a helmet 3 years from manufacture. So if you have an old one its time to go shopping.

Yeah. I think there is or will be something similar out here....and then again....I could have been dreaming.....

I heard helmet life was 5 years. I think an Ural may be in my future. One with a side car so I can take the wieners for a ride.

Seems you're having way more fun than than me. Just working on broken down pickups. 78 Ford and 49 Chevy. But tomorrow I'm heading out to Wings and wheels for some fun..

I did some checking. The helmet life is between 3 to 5 years. But no longer then 7 years. Its the glues, resins and the Styrofoam brake down and doesn't absorb the hit as well.

Looking good Al.

Needs a wash Tezza. Lots of dust. Not from the road though. Probably cob webs too. Lol.

Probably from those winds. When I took the cover off the Scout, I couldn't believe the amount of dust and leaves on it.

Yep. You could be right Tezza.

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