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Winter Drive

Winter Drive

took a drive to Medicine Hat yesterday, to visit a sick brother. This is the view driving towards the southeast...... no riding for a while here!


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Not much different here either Len. -34 C this morning( Sunday).

I HATE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks a bit chilly.

Hmmmm .... looks like the Twilight Zone !

Hope your brother is ok and he gets better soon, gotta look after the family........

That sends a chill though you spine Len. Better in a car for sure. Hope your brother is ok and speedy recovery.

Thanks guys. Unfortunately, we don’t expect him to be with us for much longer. He’s been fighting a battle against a nasty cancer for more than two years. Lots of surgery, radiation and chemo. He’s a tough character, but you can only fight this for so long......

Sorry to hear that Len. Prayers and God Bless.

So sorry to hear about your brother Len.

That looks bleak alright. Take care

Is that the picture they show in the dictionary next to the word 'C-O-L-D'?

I think it is, Charlie!

Sorry to hear Len ... make the most of the time that’s left

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