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Winter hits central New York

Winter hits central New York

riding is done for a few months now, still riding a blue Yamaha though. 2000 wolverine 350


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Can you pop a wheelie??? Me either LOL

Take off the plow and yes. Forward and in reverse. I used to race motocross on a quad so I'm able to do a lot of stupid stuff

Winter sucks.

LOL I never would have guessed. Just don't get hurt Smiley-laughing

It's more fun without the plow, lol. But I don't want any of that stuff

The plow does suck. And to think Saturday was 67 F now over a foot of snow with more on the way

Yes I do believe your winter has hit. A thumbs done for that white stuff only good for skiing on in the MOUNTAINS

Have fun playing in the snow. I see your really having a good time so far.

oh yucky that swear word is being shown again. that white fluffy stuff has got to go. LOL hope that isnt all from one snow fall

Ooooh that looks cold !

Lisa, it did. Total of around 20 inches from Sunday morning till Monday night. And then comes the wind and drifts

Thanks for reminding me why I left New York. Lived just a little north of Syracuse. Most sources list Syracuse as the snowiest city in the continental US.

Edwin If you were in the Brewerton to Pulaski area it tends to get a little snowy there. I'm just west of Cooperstown about 20 minutes.

damn paintcan glad it hit further north. i live near hour north east of Pittsburgh and we only got a dusting but even thats too much for me LOL

Nice to see you stopping back in Lisa and commenting. That is the process to start making friends. That was how I started and got to finally meet some in person and they weren't that close either, 400+ miles.
- We'll hijack this post since bikers don't like to talk about snow anyways. Hopefully on the cherrier side, did you get you some advice on your problem?

I'm with you Lisa. A dusting is to much for me as well

North edge of Cicero where the wind smacks into Oneida Lake. Got my driver's permit in Watertown. Spring was a blessing..Summer was a joy. Fall a celebration and Winter a dirge. Waiting until the Missus retires then in the winter it's I-49 south to I-10 east to Tallahassee for awhile. Back roads to St.Augustine eating boiled peanuts and drinking sweet tea. That's how to spend winter.

I'm jealous Edwin. I will be working till they put me in the ground....

Yeah, me too Val.

Same here work till dead, Edwin, Cicero is a cool area but definitely gets the lake effect and being former swampland the mosquitoes are big and mean. And since randy hijacked us lol he's right that you can meet a lot of really cool and interesting people on this site stop in and post often. Anybody heard from biker animal or roadie in a while? They both disappeared

Now there's a question... Maybe they drove each other crazy

Wouldn't that be a return trip?

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