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Wonder what this "Rat Fink" is up to now.

Wonder what this "Rat Fink" is up to now.

Yep. I found this shot the other day. Climbing up the wine rack. The best part was listing to him fuss trying to get the cork out.



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They sell that stuff with corks????

Sometimes in boxes too!!!


Randy has him.

Yes, unfortunately he is smooching off of me. I have managed to convince him to stay out of my occasional whiskey or otherwise Booger would get to take care of him (that is tear him apart).

You must have him under control Randy. He hasn't taken off yet.

I guess it happens to the best of us. Settle down and be a family man er wolf.

Glad he's still around

Take care of him... We don't want to loose him....
(I think.... Smiley-wink )

Hmmmm... who is showing up in Eureka Springs that I could inflict him on that hasn't had him yet?

There's gonna be a few of us

If I remember right, Roadie has been to your house Allen.

Yes he has

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