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Worst beer!!

Worst beer!!

I didn’t realise this rubbish was still being brewed! Found it in the liquor section of a shop in Honolulu.




They market that crap as Aussies favourite beer overseas. Reality is Aussies wont touch it and you would be lucky to see it down here at all.

Haven't seen Foster in a store for possibly 20 years, and that's a good thing.

I tried that beer about 30 years ago. Thought it was terrible then! Funny thing; when I was in Australia last year, we found LOTS of great craft beers, and the only place I found Fosters, was on tap, at the Breakfast Creek pub in Brisbane...... still terrible beer!

I only had it once. Once was more than enough.. Kind of like your, Vegemite that stuff curled my tongue for a week...

Wayne ... as long as it didn’t curl your toes you’ll be fine!

It didn't get that far down and glad of it.. I was told it did not taste that bad.. SOMEONE LIED!! I did recover , at least my tongue... Have more fun , You guys must be getting tired by know..

Yep ... we are in Honolulu for two nights ... rest ... then home by Sunday.

10 hour flight from Honolulu. Leave on Friday and get home on Sunday because of the time zone difference.

We get into Sydney late on Saturday night so will overnight at an airport hotel. Taking a Murray’s coach to Canberra on Sunday morning. Home by 11:30am

I tried that beer once... Took one sip and dumped the rest out.

What's your opinion of Swan?

Don’t see it all that much Edwin ... couldn’t tell you the last time I tried it ... can’t recall the taste.

Swan beer is from sand groper country, Western Australia. I put it in the same category as Fosters, along with the short lived Sydney bitter.

Oh...the “F” is for Foster’s? I thought was for something else.......


Nasty Stuff
Aunty bought me case whilst in the UK.
Thank goodness the cousin liked it.

You guys really need to tell us state side boys what you really think of it...... Take a day off Peter. you need to recover..

I just photographed it Wayne ... I didn’t drink it !!

Correct. This is what the Outback restaurant serves as Australian beer. Must be like Jameson Irish whiskey. The Irish wont drink it. They ship it to the United States.

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