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Xmas Riding

Xmas Riding

Weather is great not too hot and no bloody hail storms.

3 of our cars got hail damaged on Saturday afternoon. Bugger..... but at least the bikes were tucked up safely in the garage


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That hail must have been big.. Good the bikes have a safe place to stay. Nice picture too..

Nice shot. It looks like Blue Ridge near here. For a real experience try hail wile backpacking. HOLY CROW that's a bitch !!!

I got a ride in Christmas Eve. It was 41F. A little chilly.

I got caught in a hail storm once while riding, good thing it wasn't big hailstones. Nice shot Spratty.

Nice pic of your backyard mate!
My ute got hammered by golf ball size last week. Still deciding whether to fix it myself or go through insurance.

I think a regular body shop will need to handle that one.

Such a beautiful pic. Makes you think that there could never be a hail storm in that area.

I suspect they will do a stat write off on mine and the daughters car. Rosie's car, I managed to squeeze into the garage but it still copped about 20 dents

Yes mother nature can be kind and cruel. We are lucky compared to why Sydney got hit with 2 weeks ago.

Good point. Weather has been wacked out. were over 28" of rain for our average. This keeps up we will have water front property.

Very nice shot, Dave! Looks kinda familiar.... Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you too Len.

Sorry to hear about the hail damage Dave. Lucky you have insurance. We copped a huge amount of rain a few weeks ago but no damage. Actually it was nice to get a lot of rain for once, we needed it. Glad you got out for a ride it has been good weather for riding as long as you get out early. Have a great New Year.

A bit of a bugger about the hail damage - Tennis Ball size hail has that effect on vehicles .... Glad the bikes were safe.
Always wondered about those ROTARY Lookouts - Do they TURN by themselves? - Coin Operated ? Smiley-laughing
Cheers mate - Good to catch up for a little while on Day 5 WH9 Ride ...
Ride Safe ...

Aldi will be doing big business next weekend ... they have hail proof car covers for $99!

Nice pic Spratty !

Thanks Ray and a Happy New Year to you also.

Greg, not quite tennis ball but about the size of apricots, still created a lot of dents though.

Vardy I reckon they will.

"Three of our cars.... " ... What do you have Spratty, a taxi company? Good to see you're going for a ride. Here it's freeking cold, a few degrees below zero during nighttime and just around 4 degrees during daytime, but yesterday I couldn't wait any longer and went for a short ride, just a few hours... cold or not cold, I had to do it. I was happy with a hot bath returning home but I enjoyed the little ride!

See you, and all the best for 2019 for you and your family.

Hail sucks.. That happened here several years ago a freak hail storm. It damaged thousands of cars.. I bought a new pick up for 1/3 the new price. It did look like a golf ball hundreds of dents and crack glass. Hope it all turns out for you..

You haven't lived until your back is to the hail storm and your like a turtle in its shell behind your back pack and your hat jammed down over your head. Good times!!

Gert, my car the wifes car and the daughters car fortunately the son wasn't home.

A very Happy New Year to you and Simone also mate. When you gotta ride you just have to do it cold or not I agree.

Great shot Dave. Sorry to hear about the hail damage. We were lucky to get pea size hail.

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