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Yamaha Eluder test ride

Yamaha Eluder test ride

Got a chance to ride this new Eluder, and by New it just came out of the crate yesterday and has less than 5 miles on it. A buddy owns a dealership and said to take it for a spin. Honestly it’s the most amazing all around bike I’ve ever ridden. Yamaha did a great job on this one!


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Your one lucky rider its a great looking ride.

Very nice. Lucky you.

I have two Stratoliners. How would you think that this compares to the Eluder? I haven't found any bike that rides as well as this Stratoliner Deluxe. I have ridden several. I have a 2017 Indian and it doesn't even compare to the Strat's. Now I guess I'll have to try and find one to ride.

Looks like a Darth Vader bike LOL Nice

Nice to have friends like that !

Yes you will Wayne. Maybe you'll be trading the Indian in on the Eluder. I think the name fits you rather well, eluding mosting who try to keep up with you.

Wayne it’s ride and handling are amazingly smooth. The technology that’s on the bars and dash area.... they’re well laid out and it has everything you could want, multiple mapping modes cruise control Bluetooth stereo, I think they’re aiming at the gold wing with the technology and bigger fairings and at the same time going for the big twin thump and really low rpm torque of a road glide. It’s got the 113 in it

I guess I'll have to find a dealer that has one. I have the 113 cu in engine in the Strat's and the Deluxe has all the GPS, bluetooth stereo, sirius radio, books on tape, loud speakers and other stuff I still have never used. They both ride like 750's.
Thanks for the info I'm really thinking hard about it.. Not impressed with this 2017 Indian.

Love the black out paint....

Cool! That's a beautiful beast!

There’s only a few bolt heads and the speaker trim that’s not black. It has a really cool look to it. Some gloss black with a lot of flat black, I thought it really looked great.

ME too I think it looks Awesome

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