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Yellowstone Philosophy


Edwins, that philosophy is good enough for me

Could be possible. Live each day as it could be your last.

Glad I live in Australia. What the heck I'll have a beer just in case.

I had a beer in Yellowstone, just to poke fun of it....

What, only the one Steve!

Steve had way more that just ONE. We still had fun and it stayed calm for us. Just a little stinky sulfur and some hot water coming out of the ground..

I only had 1 x in Yellowstone.... Smiley-laughing I indulged in the rest of the country

True Steve there was only ONE beer in Yellowstone can't say the same for the other places

Don't count the days ... make each day count !!

Cheers, No Sweat ! Smiley-laughing

Hell Ya

Well, Now that you put it that way. Why Not!!

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