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For You Gert

For You Gert

At the Clog Barn in Coffs Harbour.



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You bloody idiot!

Do these clogs make my legs look skinny!?

Yes they do...and yes a bloody idiot right there. but we wouldn't have you any other way. Smiley-laughing

I'm a complicated person. Smiley-laughing

Like to see you walk wearing those. LOL.

Only on water Bill. Smiley-laughing

Those are boats for your feet.. You might be able to walk on water.... By the way those make you look skinny????

We've found the real "Bigfoot".

Safety boots. They would go down well at your work.

Good Lord I've seen kayaks smaller than your shoes

I was thinking the same thing, Val. Tie them together and get a paddle.

No. They don't help you legs at all.

an adverb meaning
English dialect - great or very big

You can also use them to cross a river! I told you... Klompen, multi functional!!!

Except sneaking around the house.

They're Canoes aren't they ? Great Photo ... Smiley-laughing

Those clogs make your feet look small, lol

Even your weight looks less wearing the clogs Terry!! LOL

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