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You Lookin At Me

You Lookin At Me

Full beard


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ah, thats you ?

That was back in the 80s tho

i'm still in the 80's lol

Ha mate, very cool.

It was the day i came home from a Gov holiday, Been doing weights for two yrs solid, Was 10 1/2 stone of solid muscle, & What did i do, straight into the Bundaberg OP Rum, & Puff, Puff ON THE BONG, Was down hill from there for a few month's. Wacko :$ Wacko

mmmmmm like the beard!!!!!

Way back in the early 80s

still like the beard........... and I like Rum! Found a new kind I really like thhese days....... not a heavy drinker, more like, I need to sleep so knock me out, but anyway, the brand is 'Cruzan' the flavor is 'black cherry' or 'raspberry' neither need a mixer and just make a good sippin time over some ice. I dont do the bong! lol, that was in the 80's for me! dont smoke at all..... its gross....

hi m8, cool pics, i got to load some of mine , i train quite a bit , cant do wheights anymore, messed my neck up,
i quit the puff a year ago, only smoked my own for 39 years lol, vaporiser for me
and i like rum with honey pure lemon jiuce and ice ,
good to meet you sir

Good to meet you mate, Thank's for being a friend, glad to have you as one

Ha man shave that face so we can see YOU.

Gday DooD, Thanks for friending me, Im new to all this so bear with me I will sort out my profile soon enough, cheers mate.

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