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Safely Organize Wiring of Accessories

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The wires under my seat needed to be organized, some needed fuses for protection. I have two removeable plastic chrome side compartments for fuses, antifreeze tank, OEM tools, etc. I have added: Air-horn controls, Lizard lights, Lizard light switches, a stereo amplifier and two static depressors. By placing the stereo Amp. and fuse block in the locked chrome tool compartment on the leftside of my bike, I was able to attach fused, eyeringed wires to the (+) termial bolt on the fuse block. The provided #8 cable is attached to the (+) battery terminal. I added a second cable w/nut/bolt and insulated the connection w/a rubber sleeve over the connection. I velco connected the fuse block in place on the inside of the chrome compartment. I was able to connect my speakers, Iphone for music and woofer to a 10 amp fuse.

#8 hook-up wire needs to be 12 to 16 in. long. Or 2-#8 wires w/insulated sleeve.
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Allowed me to move/adjust/extend the wires to my equipment. To use fuses. To fasten the fuse block out of the way in a compartment. To use crimp connections to fasten wires together. To use wire fasteners to hold/strap/support them in place. To provide more working space for labeling and troubleshooting. The fuse box is flat/small. The 1/4" bolt/lockw./nut is a inch long; holding other wires that may already have fuses attached.
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The cost. The #8 cable/hook-up wire could be longer.
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