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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




Last time I saw him, he was drinking it up with some bear named Bubba

James ( ynkmup ) locked him in the trunk for the ride home. Didnt want him to get wet ! ( like the rest of us ! ) He is now residing in Alabama ! He is sure to be "dysfunctional " now !

I feel sorry for the next member who gets him! Smiley-laughing Rick, is that you?

I hope Bubba wasn't a female bear ...

I think it might be Ron but he might suffer some separation anxiety from Bubba and Uwe I don't think he wants to meet a female named Bubba, OC maybe but

Wacko :$ Wacko :$ Wacko :$

Is Roadwolf the new Wally? LOL

Okay I've put the puzzle together and think it's an awesome idea... surely Roadwolf needs a SCRIBE to write his memoirs and adventures along the way?

Yes I am volunteering... just get me a ticket and I'm on my way LOL

Dim, You'll need someone to carry your typewriter so I'll volunteer. Smiley-laughing

Thanks for the sacrifice Tezza LOL and a Typewriter? Wow it's been a few years since I've used one of those contraptions.... You can carry my iPad if you must, the wonders of modern technology

Skeeter, I hope you didn't bring that stuffed toy back to Canada with you??? It might be harder to get rid of than that three word discussion that continues to live on irregardless of the amount of attempts to kill

TONY LOVES HIM! - That's my three words to describe how OC really feels under that manly response he just posted... I vote OC gets the opportunity to cuddle RoadWolf in the near future Smiley-wink

Dim, It´s great idea.... Dim as ghost writer for RoadWolfie!!! I know I would buy that book!!!!

Tony, not yet but who knows what can happen.

did kyle give Roadwolf Gas money or is he walking around the world

He could do a Roadwolfe world tour. Someone else is doing one also. Roadwolfe and the headpet could become close friends!!!!!!!!!!! Go get em Dim!!

Ithink roadwolf was left at deals gap

Silly Phil , head pets have fleas !!! Roadie is with Bubba chasin skirts and having a fine time!!

Cheeky bugger!!!!!!!!!!! Headpets do not have fleas!! They do however seek out bald old farts and crap on their shoulders.

Hey Dim, seeing that Tezza is to old fashion (TYPEWRITER, REALLY), I volunteer to be you roadie. So Phil, wll he be pooping on you any time soon. Bad :! Bad

Hey I don't see Australia on that Map

Abdood. Headpet goes to all rally's. large and small.
Matt, ya sill bugger. Roadwolfe hasn't come to Australia yet. No need for the best country in the world to be highlighted. When his education is completed, then he will be able to identify with us completely..

Yes , at the moment he is being well educated with fine bourbon and southern belles !

I would like Roadie to ride with Cheryl and I to the south Aussie next March.

Uwe .... Update the map !!! He is in NW Alabama. Muscle Shoals !!!

you got it!

OOOOoooo! lots of red lines forming!!!!!!!!!!

He's not with Wally is he?

wonder how long it takes until he finds a girlfriend Smiley-wink

add 3 words

OOOOOohh! That could cause a dilema!!!!!!!!!!!

All us guys are going to the strip joint next weekend ! I bet he picks up one there !!

Tezza, even my daughter at age of 8, she is now 20, knew typewriters were ancient. She saw my wife filling out a form that couldn't be done by computer and asked her where the screen was and the mouse.

He picks up what there? Sounds like trouble to me, but then again wolves have been given a bad reputation. OR7 has last been spotted back in California. He can't make up his mind to stay in Oregon or California. I think he too, is looking for love.

Randy okay you're making me feel old now, because I did actually learn to type on a typewriter... lol

holly crap Dim ................But I bet you didn't have ink wells in your desk at skool lol

Mark I didn't, but then I wasn't around in the old black & white days like you were....

But I must be an old soul because I still went out and learned calligraphy and had a lovely pen set when I was younger... miss that.

I suppose you remember getting your pigtails dipped in them Mark? lol

Nah my job was washing them out at the end of the day ,and going home with blue fingers .

You're supposed too get rid of the ink first.....

no one told me that !

He made water bombs out of them and threw them at his brothers

Hey, I remember black and white TV and only 3 stations. No ink wells. So how many in this conversation went to a school where the bathroom was a one holer outside behind the school. As my grandmother said, the best invention was running water and indoor plumbing.

Did RoadWolf ever get out of the strip bar or is he still there carousing around and needs to be rescued? He shouldn't be get exposed to such as he has a bad rap just being a wolf.

The "BOOBY" bar is this weekend ! May 26th at jimmy's Go Go in Madison Al .

sounds like he'll have some fun ...

well if hes having all this fun where are thr photo's

In the restricted

With Uwes mountain ride ,restricted.


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