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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




How's the poor guy doing?

Doing GREAT !!! We have a looong weekend of riding planned and then next week he will be sent to another !!!!

Of course they would have to be in the restricted area. Hopefully he does not die while getting a lap dance like the 67 yo old man did the other day. What a way to go.

Oh boy, so by the time you're all done with him and he gets to Australia, is he going to be pawing all the ladies down here? I mean, really...! lol

Dim... He will be soo tired tha he will be sleeping the whole Aussie visit...

That's a shame, there's this cute Koala I was going to hook him up with... but at least us women won't need a bodyguard LOL

Koala?????? What are you after Dim????
A cross between a wolf and koala????


We're very multi cultural over here you know... everyone doesn't just stick to their own kind LOL Besides, koala's aren't just the soft fuzzy 'koala bears' that you all seem to think they are, they have some bite. LOL

How much can a koala bear?

As much beer as a koala bear can bear. Wacko :$ Wacko

Oh dear, the dad jokes have started

Hey?? What's wrong with Dad jokes???????????? Sam still loves mine!! You ask him!!

You yanks just watch out for the drop bears, there every bear. LOL LOL LOL

Oh dear....... What have I started?????
"The horror, the horror"..... (Apocalypse now)...

LMAO this is getting pretty funny

Rick pleeeeeze, don't encourage them

But it is soo much fun Smiley

I hope Roadwolf doesn't have beer, lipstick and cheap perfume all over him when he gets handed to the first female member Smiley-wink

I am sure when he decides to cross the pond... the map will have a Zoom Out feature Smiley-wink

Essentially RoadWolf is a "dog" so he will probably be a free spirit and not "settle down" until he get old, tired, and worn out. LONG LIVE RoadWolf!

Cheap perfume ? I know while he is with me it's nothing but the best ..... Old spice and Bay Rum !!!!

Computer gremlins.

A bug, comment was supposed to stay a half a dozen spaces back up. Dag nabbit.

Did he start out as a slut hussy or did JW train him that way?????????????

Phil , watch your mouth. I am training him to be a "STUD" ! That way when he gets to Oz he can teach you old blokes a thing or two !

But, can he teach an aussie to have a larger bladder to fit more BEER in. Wacko ;$ ;$

Yes , did you see the bellies of the folks at the dragon ride ???


Who you calling fatso?!!!! I'm very much in shape!!!!......Round is a shape, isn't it? LMAO

Hmmmmm.....Hmmmmm...... LOL

Oh Dear. I almost hope he gets lost in transit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PSSST......phiiilll......PSSST........don't say that out loud or they will come after you when he is missing.

So Terry....that would be a bonus...thay could make Phil go missing too...... lol

LOL true very true

Phil , if something happens to roadie you will go missing !!! We have connections you know!!

Would never happen. If he gets here he is safe. Promise.

Phil you speak with forked tongue.... (always wanted to say that)

When he comes to Oz if we have a Qld coming to Barossa he will do 5 states if he goes back with lucky they STILL make Old Spice or do you have a stocK? lol

But will Lucky be lucky?

Albert , you can still buy it here so , if it's stock they sure have one hell of a " stock pile " !! LOL

Road wolf has been sent to a new destination and new adventure ..... stay tuned to find out who and where !!!!! Bubba hated to see him leave but maybe their paths will cross again one day !!

Send him over to Australia late in the year and the east coast boys can take him on tour then I would be happy to show him the trip across the Nullabor to the west

Come on Denis get on site a bit more mate I suggested this when Road wolf was born.

Why Wayne are you gonna ride back with us. Mate Im on here every day but there is soooo many postings and comments it is impossible to keep up.

Is wolfie still at the same place?????
Well.. He must be drunk then...

Same place, are you talking physically or mentally?

I am sure that when he gets to his destination he will be getting "DRUNK' again !!!

Hi Denis I could think of nothing more I would like to do but time is always the enemy when you are self employed as you know only to well.
But who knows there is a lot that can change in that time my friend an awful lot!


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