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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




Yep... He woke up from the dead!!!

Am I here?


He's on First !

Who is on first?

I've added a yellow marker to the map - Barneveld, NL seems to be Roadwolf's current hideout

Roadie is a jet setter.

Yes, he's stil here in Barneveld, preparing for his next flight and visit!

Flight heck, make him hitch hike. He's should be like his ancestors, being able to run for miles on end, he's getting to the point he can't even walk around the block.

He hasn't been kidnapped again has he?
Who payed the ransom money to not get him back? Smiley-laughing

What is he doing in Barneveld, NL? I last thought he was "trucking" around the states. Rob and Joyce figured out they couldn't get any work out of him either?

He left Barneveld about half a year ago, must be somewhere in US?

That's what I thought. And last I new he was out truckin.

Yes he was, as we could see lots of pics!

He is a vermin little feret. Shooting is Too Good for him.

That's the way Phil! Even when you get 24 Bottles of Heineken, when you turn your eyes from that feret for only a few seconds, it's all gone!

As you know he turned up in Maryland's western shore. Not shure he's seen a live crab yet. Wait until he finds out there good to eat and theirs beer involved. He hasn't found the Heineken in the refrigerator. I don't think he can pry it open.

Dont let your guard down Capt, he is a sneeky SOB!

I'm figuring that out.

He showed up at the Animal's House in Raleigh, NC today!

Whow!!!! You must be happy Animal!!!

and who screamed the loudest at the sudden meeting????

We'll see if he survives the Animal House...

and just why wouldn't he, HE IS AN ANIMAL. Wolves are a crazy kiniving carnivorous mammal animal and this particular one likes alcohol and women thus you two shouldn't have much problem other than trying to hold each other up, well at least he trying to hold you up. LOL

Wow ... almost 21,000 views ... gotta be the CC record!

Two animals together. That should be fun. Can't wait for the pics and vids.

speaking of the two, haven't seen any comment yet from BA today, they must be sleeping off a real welcome party.

It might be a contest to see who is the baddest. Smiley-wink

The furry one may of found the key to the Shadow.

I think the map is need of updating.

Why is anybody concerned about what happens to or with that little feret ???

Careful there Phil, I might Inflict him on you next!

Yea, No give backs !!!

Where is Road Wolf! In The Dog House!

I put him in the "dog house" when he was with me. Unfortunately the dog house for my my dogs is our house. they do not have a "dog house" outside.

Where is he now?

At last report Biker Animal has him. Or vice versa.

Roadie must have led him astray because Biker Animal has been missing for over a month now. Smiley-wink

I suspect Roadie and Biker Animal both decided to become MONKS. Yes I know, hell is about to break loose and they are trying to prepare for it.

Just up dating this thread. He is back with me. Soon He will be on his way to Randy. To head to Europe. I hope the little rat has his passport in order.

Hope he does'nt get there before me. Last time I had the rodent he got a bottle of JIm Beam. HE will want to go with us to San Francisco.

And just why would he want to go to San Francisco. It surely isn't to see Phil. Phil keeps calling him bad names like a ferret and threatens him. He may want to see Uwe, Kyle and the gang. Being a wolf, I suspect he will be pretty sneaky and steal and drink or two right out from under Phil's nose.

The little ferret had better not try!!!!!! I'm bringing the head pet. There will be blood!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do have the beer bottles counted and the liquor bottles marked.

Capt you need to do way more than that, they need to be locked in extra type security locks. Even then he seems to have figured out a way to get to them.

Capt... I hope you safed some extra pocket money and arrange a 24 hour delivery appointment with the liquor store.... It's the only solution!

He's been told if he touches the Aquavit he gets overnight shipped to Phil Cole. That seems to keep him in line.

Tthe little ferret die if he appears here in South Australia. Then I will make him feel pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see he has not been to British Columbia? Maybe I need to start a Canada version maybe???

pretty sure he should come to visit me next, and experience the start of the world famous Alaska Highway..Mile Zero to boot!


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