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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




be careful of what you ask for Todd

Todd Todd Todd. You know not what you wish for!!!!!!!!!!!

The "ferret" visited me... Drunk everything I had in my bar.... I killed him... Then I realized.... He's the one who really understand me... Sooo... I ask the BI's to CPR him... Yes... It's alive... And IT will hunt your booze...
God (man or woman, black, white, red, gay or yellow whatewer it/he/she is) help us all!

Why the F&&& did you get the little ferret revived????? I was going to praise you. Now there is a contract out on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell, All he got here was the crap scared out if him with a live crab. I told him it was Phil.

Good Capt. The little ferret should have that happen frequently. Then again, a single 5 minute session with my kelpie will knock the stuffing out of him. Perhaps I should say, chew the stuffing out of him!!!!!!!

Phil, I tried to kill him twice, first by throwing him in the water, later I tried to hang him... but they wanted to keep him allive for some reason!

Ya thinking about this a bit more...pretty sure the sniffer dogs at customs would have a bit of a issue with that shipment.......LOL

Todd, so far he seems to have eluded all of the customs agents and drug sniffing dogs. He just drinks all of his alcohol first and doesn't try to get any through tax duty free.

Ohh! Roadwolf come out! come out ! Where ever you are.

Last word he's hanging out with Foxy Lady at Randy's.

That is true Capt. Matt are you saying you need to have him come to your place. I was thinking maybe he needs to go to Marek's place to bring Marek back into the land of the living.

I like your thinking Randy.
I would love to see him go to Marek's place and for Marek to spend time with Roadwolf.

As you guys may have noticed, his map of where abouts is no longer available here.

Why that little bugger, I think he is trying to erase all his tracks of where he is. Unfortunately for him, I know exactly where he is. He is laying low here in my house. Laying low is the key as the wiener hounds and Foxy Lady won't cut him any slack. I finding it hard to believe he is still here.

Does anyone know how to contact the owner??????

Tezza, didn't you try some time ago? There was no response......we are a site in limbo.....don't turn off the lights yet....

Surely someone is looking after the web site.

I think were adrift. As long as no one unplugs the server were alive.

Tezza, I don't think they know what that "small monthly web site" fee in their accounting is. Uwe is no longer connected here so no assistance there.
Xero is on the mark. We are like the space station adrift in space with no life support except our own resources.

And the space station's orbit is degrading with each pass. Eventually the earth's gravitational pull will draw it in and it will crash and burn.

I'm noticing small cracks here and there ... for example, I tried to trawl through the photo archives and can't get past page 2.

Peter, It goes back three weeks and that's it.

I talked to Uew about this site when we were down at his house last summer. He said they don't know about this part of the site yet. But when they find out it will get shut down. It is costing the new owners about 5-7,000 $$ to =keep it up. They are paying for the complete web site and this is just in there some where.It's not a separate thing. I don't know anything else so as long as it is up I'll be here.

Yes it is adrift in the wide web just floating around, no maintenance being done. Computer gremlins slowly taking over. Someday I expect go to sign on and it won't be found. Won't even have a comment of SNAP, something went wrong or similar saying.

We mentioned it when Uwe left but as we see, parts are falling down from the building... same happens to the members as we also can see we’ve alraidy lost many regular visitors from the past. I’ll be there till the end, but for some reason I’ve the feeling it cann’t take long anymore... when the moment is there I try to log in and nothing happens I’ll remember this side as a very nice place to be for a few moments a day for many years. I’ll remember lots of people I’ve met here on the site and with some I’ll try to keep in touch as we have FB and Skype, but that’s not the same... Yes, I’ll mis this site for so many reasons, but we all know there will be a moment this site is gone and I don’t think that moment can be far from now... but, we mentioned that a year ago and we’re still here... let’s see. One thing is sure, there is nothing we can do about it... and, I've met a few people who realy became friends (it happened to be one of them is the best friend I've ever had in my whole life) and that's worth a lot for the rest of my life...

Ground control to Major Tom.......

I hope they at least give us a heads up. Then on the other hand its still picking up new members. loss of sales opportunities for the new owners.

That doesn't seem to be of interest Xero. I (along with many other Australians) have purchased for many years. Not now, seems we are too risky to send stuff too so the local market must be booming.

I cant believe it is that booming. In time they will drive there business into the ground.

They lost my business and I bought several thousands $$ of stuff. I have not purchase any thing sense. The site is way more difficult to get around in now. Like Gert I'll hang on till the lights go out.

Same here Wayne. If this goes...there's still the FB groups. I'll be here and on the FB ones till the end.

I'll move across to FB when I have to as I don't want to lose contact with the folk on this site.

I had a look at the Competition Accessories FB page and had a browse. Not much activity and some negative comments from visitors posts.
I couldn't leave without adding my 2 cents worth. Smiley-laughing

I just had a look Terry ... goodonya. I wanted to leave a visitor comment as well but couldn’t work out how to :0((

Vardy, that's why I'm still here.......and on the Friends from Cruiser Customizing and CC Guys FB they have me working on all three.

Al ... when I’m ready to make the transition , I’ll seek your advice ...

Lol. I might be too old by then.

I though your toooo old now.

What about an Instagram group, easy to post pics and short vids

Never used instagram, but I personally mis the fun lately here... I mean, we had a lot of fun making vids, riding but also just for fun or just to tell something and the same about pics... so, if anyone would help me with instagram I’m in... but I’ll also stay here till the end and sometimes for a moment on FaceBook (not to often because I don’t realy like it)...

Wayne, I resemble that remark.

Gert, haven’t tried Instagram either. I set up a twitter account years ago. Never used it either.

Dit, dit, dit, dit, ditto, dang stuttering fingers, on the recent comments. Yes maybe instagram might be the way to go if the site shuts down. Use facebook for the transition communication.

I have no clue about Instagram. I'll be tied to the mast with the rest of us on the way down.

I bought a new desk top pc over a year ago....still in it’s box. Some new technology scares me.

Folks ... Instagram is so simple even a techno-phobe like me has mastered it. My entire trip around Aus is documented on Instagram ... almost 700 photos and videos to date; upload is super fast.

I use my iPhone ... went to the App Store and downloaded the free Instagram app ... registered as petervar53 and away I went. There are short tutorials available (just use Google) on how to get the best out of Instagram. It’s not suitable for long texts or long videos but it makes up for it by making it easy to upload. Tezza, Steve and Paintcan are all on Insta.

I'm also on Instagram staking those metioned in Vardys comment

Suppose you don't have a smart phone. I still use two cans and a string.

Hmmm ... sorry, can’t help you

Xero, you must be have TWO cans.....


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