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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




be careful of what you ask for Todd

Todd Todd Todd. You know not what you wish for!!!!!!!!!!!

The "ferret" visited me... Drunk everything I had in my bar.... I killed him... Then I realized.... He's the one who really understand me... Sooo... I ask the BI's to CPR him... Yes... It's alive... And IT will hunt your booze...
God (man or woman, black, white, red, gay or yellow whatewer it/he/she is) help us all!

Why the F&&& did you get the little ferret revived????? I was going to praise you. Now there is a contract out on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell, All he got here was the crap scared out if him with a live crab. I told him it was Phil.

Good Capt. The little ferret should have that happen frequently. Then again, a single 5 minute session with my kelpie will knock the stuffing out of him. Perhaps I should say, chew the stuffing out of him!!!!!!!

Phil, I tried to kill him twice, first by throwing him in the water, later I tried to hang him... but they wanted to keep him allive for some reason!

Ya thinking about this a bit more...pretty sure the sniffer dogs at customs would have a bit of a issue with that shipment.......LOL

Todd, so far he seems to have eluded all of the customs agents and drug sniffing dogs. He just drinks all of his alcohol first and doesn't try to get any through tax duty free.


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