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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




I scrounged one out of the trash !

Lol. Good to see some recycling.

You need a longer string Capt, that's for sure!!! LOL

Maybe bigger CAN's

I think new string.

Oh the good ole days of the instant Polaroid camera. Everything was so much more special when one had to wait for it to develop vs the instant look at the camera. The art of patience is totally been lost.

Yep. After a week or so when you got your pics...and the brides head was cut off....or the half of the bike you really wanted the pic of was blurred Coz they stuffed up the development.....

What about the Polaroid Land Camera. Instant pics ... quality was poor but technology ahead of its time.

You got to see what you shot. I had a color one until i could not get film for it. I remember the black and white one too. you peeled the photo off the negative, then put this clear coat wiper over the photo.

I still have one of the early colour ones. Bought it in around 1970.

i just looked in the closet. I think Betsy must of tossed it.

I think I saw it on Pawn Stars....she got great money for it.

I married a clean freak !! If you want to keep it.. hide it !! keep the bike in a storage facility?

She leaves it alone. But those well worn t shirts and sneakers are fair game.

Yeah, Coz wants to throw all my "valuable" T shirts out. Just coz we have no room is not a valid reason in my books. Lol

She found something more to throw out. She deleted all my photos of the BSP II from the camera before i could put them on the laptop. Its to late to train a new one.

And too expensive.

Yes !! And she did catch hell over it this Moring! This was a Captain said.

Where is Roadwolf?

He is currently lounging in my spare bedroom. Are you interested in him to visit you?

When did you get him back from Animal ???

I got him back about 6 months ago. He settled down with Foxy lady in Oregon.

I would like to see him out riding with you Randy when the opportunity arrives or other CC members.
Maybe even on the Wild Hogs or Lens trip to Australia.

Has he ever experienced -30c yet???

No he has not. His last trip was with me to Dubois, WY to met Valerie, Julie and Allen, and revisit with Steve and Trish. Yes he may visit Oz next year. Maybe Todd would like to have him revisit his roots in the snow. I don't think he has ever had to shed a winter coat of fur. Maybe shedded a puked on jacket.

Randy ... good to have him back ! So, did Animal make contact with you or did Roadwolf just turn up one day ??

I got this one. From sending Roadie to him I still had his address. And wrote Animal a letter asking for his return. Also got Al in on it too. So we both sent letters for his return. Roadie turned up here at my place. Then was sent on to Randy.

Glad Roadie returned, don’t know what happened with Animal. He always was a nice guy here on the site with a nice humor... hope everything is oke with him...

Well done chaps ... !

Yep. As people we change for a plethora of reasons. We can only hope that it’s a long time before death is one of them. The change in the site didn’t suit a lot of people. Roadie sure has clocked a lot of frequent flyer miles.

Things move on. I never found out what the story was with Animal . There was no explanation given at all. Loved his sense of humor and sometimes thought we thought alike. If I get down that way I might try to look him up.

Over the years, that happened to one or two others. Some had bad health and one could only assume the worst case scenario. It may just be one of lifes mysteries or, maybe he won mega bucks on the lottery and is chasing a life of luxury. I hope that’s it.

Why are people so obsessed with that little ferret???? Send him over to me. Rocky will fix it!!!!!!!!

Rocky? Is Sly Stallone coming to stay at your house?k

Nah!! We had a knuckle dragger here in May. Rocky pee’d on his bike!!!!

So, Rocky still doesn't read numbers? He should know yours is the one with the #7 on it.

Harsh. He is a good boy. He has never peed on my bike!! He did lift his leg on a jacket but I think that was my fault for leaving it around!!!!!!!

Betsy is not a dog lover. If he peed on the jacket. It would be the end of Rocky.

I think Roadie has settled in With Randy. Most likely with a towel tucked across the bottom of the bedroom door stoned on his ass from weed.

I think it would be nice if Roadie found his way back to Uwe and Tracy.

Not a bad idea. I think he's retired from visiting all of us. Waite until they see all stuff he picked up in his travels.

I think that is an excellent idea ... he’s an artifact of day’s gone bye ... his traveling days are behind him. Best return him to his creator.

I agree, good idea. That’s the place he belongs and there are no travels anymore for longer time. For me, that’s the place he belongs at the end...

I'll try again as maybe Uwe didn't see my message on Facebook about him. Having two weiners to feed is enough let alone another freeloader. At least Booger is out chasing away mice and moles.

I think Roadie could be in rehab somewhere. Smiley-wink

Yeah Terry, he is being rehabbed at my place. He is totally sober now, not clean, still a dirty little wolf. He knows if he steals any of my booze he will have Booger as his worst nightmare as Booger will disembowel him. I sent Uwe an email. Haven't heard back it. I'm beginning to think I may be stuck with the little rascal.

Good job on getting him sober. AA meets at our church Monday nights. I tried to get him there and he grabbed the door frame and wouldn't go in.

You must have plenty of patience Randy.


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