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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




Ok, 6 days since RoadWolf was last reported. He is surely not stuck in a box somewehere. I hope he had a drink with him on his trip.

RoadWolf has left the country,Eh!!!

I hope he doesn't get quarantined for a period of time like dogs and cats to ensure he has no diseases. We may never see him again. LOL

He went through fine, me on the other hand.....

Ok , it is time for Ewe to update his status !! Glad he got there Rick. I was beginning to wonder about the mail and I knew he only had a six pack with him ! I hope the box was dry !! LOL !!

Bloody hell JW. Only a 6 pack????????? Poor little bugger!!!

Glad he made it into Canada - I'm jealous, haven't been there myself (yet).
I updated the map.

He had some fun this morning, don't know if he will want to

Why cant he leave he in re-hab ?

Re-hab is for quitters, Ken....LMAO

Yeah, that's why Amy said...No, no, no!

Roadwolf simply has to stop by my place. I have a ton of great folks to introduce him to, and some sweet roads to show him. We could take him with us out to Jasper and through the Rocky a few of his relatives he could meet as well.

Well, RoadWolf has moved on to a new adventure. Hopefully he has enough food and drink to last the long trip. The long look on Pebbles face was that she was not happy that her friend had to leave. RoadWolf said that he had to visit so many places, in so little time. Good luck my friend, ride safe and sober. Stay tuned to see which member will be the next host.

Hold on...there's a knock at my door........Oh, just someone wanting me to pay my bills. lol
Enjoy the trip man.

Please pay my bills Al!!!

Send them to me Marek. My new address is "THe Whitehouse, USA"

wow, that was a quick stop!

Must be the new brake pads from CC! lol

Well Uwe, he told me that he had to be somewhere by a certain date so he had to cut his visit short. Maybe he will visit again another time.

Al... You´re BAD...BAD boy...

Skeeter, he's very diplomatic isn't he? Lol
Marek? Me? Bad? No!

Yes he was Al or maybe he was tired of all the drinking and women,

Tired of ....WOMEN???????????? Are you saying he's turned.....not that there's anything wrong with that.... (Sorry I borrowed your line Sienfeld...the cheques in the mail)

Well Uwe, you have to update your map.

Yep, He´s in Europe now!!!

In Europe? At your house Polssken ? Well , he may not make it back alive , but I bet he has a hell of a time !

I´ll do my best.....

Omg he will get wet with all that rain, make sure he has a rain coat

awesome! I updated the map and zoomed it all the way out, looks like RoadWolf is becoming a world traveler and will be all over the place ....
That that he is with Marek we might have to increase his life insurance policy Smiley-wink

I'm sure we will see plenty of Roadwolf in his new career as a video star...

just showed the new video to my girlfriend Tracy, she picked up RoadWolf from the animal shelter with me Smiley-wink
By the way, who painted the helmet again, looks really awesome. Is there a photo that can be tagged to show up here?

Yep, he´s just fine... Sleeping after a hard night... As soon as come back from work I ´ll take a pic of a helmet....

Photos available in 5 minutes Uwe...

did ynkmup paint the helmet or was that someone else? Looks awesome!

I did Uwe. It was a fast job and I am glad folks like it !

I posted some pics when I first stated painting !

As long as its not porn Kat or it will be flagged

Put a Sweedish postage stamp on his helmet Marek

awesome job, J W!

Thanks Uwe !!!

OMG. RoadWolf is getting so many bad habits. Polssken teaching him to smoke now. He's definitely an alcoholic, having to scrounge in dumpster's looking for a bit of alcohol and Polssken is not sharing any. Doesn't make sense tho, if he share's his smokes with RoadWolf, why not his alcohol? Someone fill me in. Roadwolf's last stop will have to be with me, so I can get him all cleaned up again. Maybe he could settle down with my Beka Bo, female dachshund.

When is he coming Down Under? When he does, he simply must visit the Nation's Capital.

Of course Peter he will... As soon as we Europeans are done with him LOL...
Besides it winter now in Oz....

Of course you're right Marek - about September should be good for the little blighter - we wouldn't want him to freeze his howler off!!

Peter I fear he may have a liver problem by then .

I'm going to have a to post a border watch to ensure he is allowed into the country!

Didn't you give him all the answers? Particularly Q4.

I think he should be here for the Barossa could come from either the east or west coast and go back the alternative and there is the Vics and Qlders after that. I thought he might spend more time in the states and Canada before he commenced his overseas tourer.

Better watch out ... he went to Marek for vacation and will leave on probation thus not being able to enter Oz due to being an "undesirable" !!! I guess he will have to become an Illegal !!!

Well James , if he has to become an "illegal " he might as well of stayed here ! OBAMA would make sure he is fed , educated , given healthcare and food stamps , pay no taxes or be required to get a drivers license and so many more wonderful perks.................makes me want to be one also ! And to sweeten the pot , he dont even have to put out ANY effort to learn to speak OUR language !


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