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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




His accommodation is arranged and the "WELCOME" mat is ready in Penrith, where a few of us members will look after him properly.......I think Smiley-wink

Al - don't worry - Roadwolf has the answer to all questions - esp since he can study the Aus citizenship textbook while he is in Sweden with Marek.

He is only use to the rough stuff !!

You forgot, if he is in Oregon he can have his "medical marijuana" also.

If Roadwolf came to Australia, would he hang with the Drop Bears or the Dingo's?

Probably with Albert. Not much of a difference. Smiley-laughing

Tezza thats not very nice he always says nice things about you

Albert trains them. lol

Roady has called me on Monday and he was bagging to save him from the monster. He told me that they would be going to Warsaw on Wednesday. So on Tuesday I hopped on the bike and rode from Kiev to Warsaw. On Wednesday 11 July 2012 the RoadWolf Roady was extracted and secretly taken to Ukraine on Thursday 12 July 2012. Will keep you informed about him after he's finished with shrink.

What happened to July and August? Poor Roadie lost 2 months.....LOL

Like you havent lost a few months before cant trick me !!

Ya but most of them were in the 70s

Well , this weekend is a good time for us to re-live our youth..............are you with me ?

I would if I could remember.

Thats the point in REALITY is overated ! Not remembering is kinda FUN !

Not remembering what is fun???????????

when wendy meets willy Phil

How did Wendy and Willies come into this?????????? I must have mised some serious things!!

No you didn't I was just having a flash back ...........please forgive me .

If you are having flash backs about Wendy and Willies, please DO NOT explain any further!!

How did that haircut work out Phil ? Are we looking "smooth " ?

Got to get off that acid Hagar mate LOL LOL LOL

Of course. I am always a dashing handsome fellow.

i wounder if the road wolf has any little wolfs he's not told us about or he dont know yet ??????? has he had the safe sex speack yet ??? it not that hes a bad wolf but look who he;s with lol

Clifton, that's a serious issue! That's why Roadie is attending shrink now. In Sweden they only tought him to smoke, drink and eat little. NO SEX. Neither safe nor unsafe!

However Dana was the only human being there. Roadie said she fed him (deliciously) and even helpped him with his teeth which started to fall out after Polssken forced him to smoke and drink. Roadie actually think that's Polssken himself is not so bad somewhere very very deep inside. He's just trying to keep up his bad ass biker attitude with that alcohol and smokes lol

I have a nice FoxyLady that doesn't have any bad habits that Roadie can settle down with. She'll get him cleaned back up.

After African trip we're gonna be back to Ukraine for a day or two and will start our way to Martines

Sooooo..... Where is he now? Swiming in Adriatic See in Croatia?

Maybe he is looking for a lady biker to show him around.

He's enjoying life. pics to be posted soon.

We are anxious to see them....

Ok Uwe.... He´s in Croatia now... It´s time to update the map!

well if hes in Croatia Can Uwe up date the Map

There´s pics of Roadie in Croatia....

He's still oin Croatia but the way he bahaves makes his deportation from this place very close lol

Send him to me! I'll teach him a few things.. lolol

deportation may be stamped on his passport alot in the next year or so I think .

FoxyLady says he better behave a bit as she saw what they do to his likes here in WY, they shoot em and stuff em.

Katbrat, hang on... he'll be there but pls mind he's still young and some of your lessons can be killing for him lol

Hagar- bro, that's what worries me lol he'll have to eat his passport traveling around Australia so they have nothing to stamp lol

Foxy, that grey-tale-SOB is stuffed already lol

No worries Alec, he doesn't need to get a stamp in his passport - we issue electronic visas. It's all "ON THE COMPUTER SYSTEM"!!

will sew in one bug chip then lol

Yes Alec, deport him to some cold place with little oxygene.... Alps maybe? Smiley-wink It would teach him a lesson...

...or provide an endless supply of ice for his drinks......

Uwe do not forget to add Croatia on the map...

Roadie oh Roadie where for art thou ???

on it's way to Switzerland I believe

If roadwolf comes to my home , for sure he will leave as a new wolf , he will have Lord Jesus in his Heart.

And Bourbon on his


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