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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




Rick, buddy be careful in this case
the other thing is I start to feel guilty (a bit lol) for deporting Roadie... hope they'll deliver him...

I'm sure he will be fine, just a bit thirsty.

He arrived well and he received asylum in Switzerland for a while.

Man, that Roadie is going to need new kidneys and liver by the end of his road trip!

Has any Aussie requested an audience with Roadie?
If he gets here before Oct 12th he can come on our Carcoar weekend with about 20 members.

Has any Aussie requested an audience with Roadie?
If he gets here before Oct 12th he can come on our Carcoar weekend with about 20 members.

Or he could come for the 2013 March rally maybe

It's under control and has been for months. We just need to be patient so he can finish his tour of Europe.

Thank's Phil, as usual your get your finger on the pulse mate

What a globetrotter!!!!

Marek, he's a basketballer from Harlem......

I didn´t notice his black... Hmmm... Strange..

They have anti discrimination laws now Rob.

Animals playing basket???
Come on Al... Stop taking those pills... Look what happened to Rob!!!!

Polssken.... I just SAID THEY HAVE ANTI DISCRIMINATION LAWS.... anyone/thing can play.....

Al... Like.... even I can play??? Yiiiippiiii!

Rob - yes you are soooo good!!!!

Yes you can play...when you are a small stuffed beer drinking globetrotting animal that hangs with bikers.

Only then???


Yeah... you can play.....

You'll scare the crap out of the oppsoition.



Thank You Al!!! Nice of you...

Enough to make a man throw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That hurts!

Well don't do it!

do what?

What ever hurts you.

don´t hurt?????

Hey guys, this topic is about Roadie and not for other topics like do you like black or white....?

Hey Matines you know these guys it really is about fun none of these jokers in both terms would or would wont to offend any one its all about the fun and the jokes like lots of us we try to make people laugh. They sure don't disappoint me LOL. Look into Mareks eyes would he really want to offend any one not likely. Enjoy the humor as intended my friend.

Well said Wayne mate

Martines... Of course Nobody ment to offend anybody... It never intended or will be intended as such...
Then You have a little right.. We should stay with the topics of Discussion!!!!

Sorry - I´ll be better!

YES, But where's the fun in that mate..LOL LOL LOL

I must have missed a thread ... or two ... who offended whom ... and how?

Would it be quicker to ask who isn't offended?

I'm not!

Not I said the blind man he picked up his hammer and saw?

who offended me ?


oh thats right ......yeah but I offened her frist Phil so its all good now until I open my mouth again that is .

You don't even need to do that to offend her!!!

I 'll just do as Iam told from now on, or try and read between the line's better.

Good luck with that. Or should I say with THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Hagar mate, where's the fun in that..LOL LOL LOL

Phil is not so good at english, is he?

and he has no excuse... he´s NOT Swedish...

And he´s sooo good at it


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