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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




ME TOO. lol

We all "LOVE" Smiley-wink Al!!!!

only on cold nights~!

When Annie's noit around beachy? lol

Too much info beachy!!!

It´s between you and Al...



Rooms to rent 50 cents as the song goes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill have you been to Kings Cross too?

Why did some one you met there look like him ?

I have a total lose of words at the moment, but if I ever visit there it will be when Als and Beachy are NOT there, their scaring me!!

You should see them first thing in the morning. I did away with my security at home and put a picture of them on the door. Now even the the Mormons dont knock any more.

Please don't post it here we need all the new members we can get, lol

No it even scares me I shut my eyes when I arrive or leave my house.

And I was going to visit you Wayne......cancelled now. lol

Im with you Tezza, Wayne... Im hurt

Yeah I know it hurts but you where told all about the cross big boy !!!!lol

Yesterday I have seen Roadwolf here in the city Vitoria tourist's Vitoria to see the city newly rewarded as Green Capital (of Europe) . He was tasting the local dishes of the North of Spain. I said to him hello with the hand because it was in company of two young local very handsome wolves and was very busy with them that in looking at other things!!! I greet myself and wink the eye!!! If you see it there out to ask him that such it was the stay in Spain.

I don't think the Aussie's are gonna let him move on, may as well chalk Roadie as a pow, and bring out his new cousin.

I know he's travelling John.....but Oz is a big place.....there are other places biger'en Texas lol.

He's getting itchy feet and is ready to go "walkabout". After meeting up with buddah during the Wild Hogs ride last week, he want's to drink, run amuck, sorry, visit the Canberra guys.
We are going to miss the little fella......Ah! peace at last. Smiley-laughing

Definately Rob. He will want to visit all members in all states that will put up with him. Smiley-laughing

Bring the "little " rodent " here.............Got something for him !

When Roadie does surface again Ive got a few questions for him.
1. Where is my Live to Ride magazine?
2. Why is the female Teddy bear gaining weight so quickly?

Dam Mat!!! I wished you had mentioned this earlier hes out in the backyard with our Akitas it will be like incest if thats what happens.

Mate ya gotta watch him.
He mite be a Roadwolf but his also a foxy devil.

Thanks for the heads up mate

.....and I was worried about the fridge. I better check Bella our cat. Smiley-laughing

I think Roadwolf should check on Capt. Bob's recovery Smiley-laughing

I would like to host Roadie on 14th April 2013. Want him to come on holidays with me for a month I need a drinking partner

Come on Dennis... We all know you´re not a drinker!!!!!

Roadie has had a good time at our house and the Akitas and German Shepherd have taught him to be a good dog. As a reward we cracked a few cold ones over Christmas. Roadie can sure put em away. But has been a very good dog and will be welcome any time at my place. Will turn up some were in the next day or too. Look for the continuing travels of Roadie in Australia.

has he been sent to a detention centre

Although he is a problem, I miss the little bugger. We had some fun together.

Heard a banging on the front door .... opened it and nobody there .... looked down and here was this little wolf all wrapped up and left in a basket on my front stoop....... It's a cruel world!! New adventures to follow soon.

Oh dear! He's going to be Harley'd to death!!!

Looking forward to this adventure

Thats a bad stutter Matt

"Stoop" Pete?
Is that Greek slang?

I believe it is an American term - just trying to get into the groove for our visit to the USA!!

Na Mate it's a mobil gleach

Ok Peter , if your going to come over here and start using words such as "stoop" you had better plan on going further north than Tennessee ! Weun aint got nun o demdar "stoops" weuns has got stairs !! Make sure and blend in with the locals with a few learned words of southern English !!! LOL !!!

lol What we have here is a failure to communicate son

ok JW - you better start teaching us Southern English now - we've got 130 (?) days to learn enough to keep us out of trouble and not cause offence to any of the locals!! LOL

we are Australians peter what could go wrong .......................are we taking roadie back to the states with as seeing he will have been on the road for a year by then .

We would have to have him fumigated and put through detox first.

well we can't do that until after Ararat and South Australian trips are done with Steve

I hope he is coming to Melbourne?

Bear in mind I would like to take roadie with me to The dawn service at Gallipoli . we depart on 20th april then back to Sweden to see his ole mate then back home to Oz on 20 May Will that fit in?

I think he will be in your town around the 1.3 13 steve don't hold me to that but vardy only lives Afew ks from me and there is lots of noise comming from that area so peter may give him the boot soon

I have heard he's a right little party Animal!!!!!


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