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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




Kelpie was my thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I assume Roadie went to Tassie but no pics yet ?

Buyddah...they're all busy tasting cider......

I feel sorry for any female tassie devils down there.

he didn't go to Tassie

He is still with me and he will travel to South Australia soon.

thanks steve

Send the little "rodent " to my NEIGHBORHOOD " ! The little turd will be in THERAPY for the REST of his LIFE !

You're such a sweet fellow KM. That is exactly why he won't get to your neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken...I think there's a fair chance he'll need therapy for the rest of his life already. lol....afterall, he's met Phil.

Ouch not touching that one.

Matt, you're a big girl's blouse! lol

Thanks Al thats one thing Ive always wanted to be. :p

Cool. It's nice to get something you've always wanted. lol

Ok back to topic...
That was long time ago we´ve got some pics and vids from Roadie.....
Is he OK?

Until the head pet puts him in his box!!

Roadie is sitting on my bike beeping the horn.....yelling out something about "how about getting our butt on the road and heading towards Angaston in South Australia?"........time to hand the cheeky bugger over to someone else!

Yeah!!! I remember that behaviour... He´s so freaking unpatient!!!

Roadie is now kicking back with the cruisers at Angaston in South Australia. AnnieO and Beachy will be looking after him for a little while and already he has shown that he is a wolf in bikers clothing. I have a feeling he has been led astray in the past but I can tell you he won't get away with anything with Annie. I can't take him to my work for security reasons and when I mentioned I knew him I was fronted to the boss asking my relationship with him. Apparently he is a world wide security risk

Man I'd love Roadwolf to come ride with me and my friends =)

Love all the marks on the map... this little guy gets around!

it needs Adelaide on the map too now though

Steve had him before you. Anyone else after Tony/Karen?

Tony & Karen then Dim and Adam and then Steve as far as I know. He was in Canberra before that being corrupted by Buddah and co!

When is he going to Lucky57???? He will be travelling soon. I know Roadie want to visit Turkey (and me again ; )...

Marek, he's still in trauma counselling after meeting you last time.

He said noooo no more mushrooms from Marek, he also said something abut Marek and Turkey being the same person ! Smiley-wink

He texted me yesterday night and said that he needs me!!!! You liars!!!!

Yeah I know he said he thought it was mr and mrs Tezza

No way!
Liar!!!!!! :(

I believe he has gone out on his own and hitch hiking to Western Australia, Someone spotted an unfamiliar creature on the nullabor plains hitching and i believe was picked up by a couple of single girls

I hope he makes it to you, Dennis. I already put you on the map Smiley-wink

You forgot Steve took Roadie to the Angaston Rally where he stowed away in AnnieO's and Beachy's Luggage
He spent a few weeks with us in Adelaide Uwe

Well he isnt here yet he could possibly be playing golf on the worlds longest golf course across the Nullabor or entertaining the two girls

Little ferret is probably trying to molest a wombat along the Nullarbor!!

That little fella is in Istambul ( Turkey) now..........

I'm off the Vietnam on 10th May for a work conference, if Roadie wants to stow away in my luggage he is welcome to join us for the trip.

Norman, I´m afraid that he will be in Europe then......

Not a problem. Just thought I'd offer since I'm off there and from the above map it appears that he has not been to Asia yet.

The little beauty was in Sweden last I seen him, omg he is so sweet:) <3

Eriika, be careful around Roadie, I believe he has pulled the "wool" over your eyes. just remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood, it was a wolf just like Roadie

Yeah , he was talking about eriika whole evening and next day.... That little womanizer...

Randy...Roadie heard her say "What big teeth you have...."

..and you know what they say:
Big teeth...... big toothbrush....

Evidently it wasn't big enough as she hasn't rescued him from the side of the road.

Ok..... so.... Due to this map He´s Roadiness is in New Zealand huh???

I wonder when he will get to go to Alaska, China, Greenland... or hang at one of our middle eastern Military bases and go sky diving, take a TANk ride, or a dive with a Navy Seal?

Any Navy Seal among CCC members?


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