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Where is Roadwolf?

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Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to member, meet you, your bike, your friends and family and go on great rides with you. The map shows where he is currently hanging out at.
Any photos and videos tagged with "RoadWolf" will show up here as well.

Please post a message if you would like to welcome Roadwolf to your home.




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Lol Terry --- Good one...

SSssshhhh Marek! It's 6.30am Saturday morning here in Sydney. Why did you wake me? It's cold and wet. Been raining all night.......

Roadie's in New Zealand to learn the Haka and beer drinking. Smiley-wink

seeing Roady do the Haka would be cool - we know that he likes to drink - no problems there Smiley-wink

Oh no! He's in the land of the Wrong White Crowd. lol

Has he been to space yet ??

Bubba is waiting to see roadie again !

Space hmm..Johnny??? Good idea... We have some members who probably are ALiens...

We have them here Marek... illegal aliens...

You got "those" too Al ? Is it against the law to "shoot " them there also ?

Yes. Should be able to though. Just heard on the news a "refugee" who has been here a month was arrested for sexually assaulting a blind woman at a train station here yesterday. Seems three other ladies have come forward with assault claims also. Why are my taxes supporting this dude? Why isn't he on the first plane back to his origin and whatever he gets there?

Glad they caught that sick little pervert & his not the only one that been caught for similar acts in the last 6 months.
What happen to screening these desperadoes.
I'm sick of seeing our taxes pay for their creature comforts while our own services men & women are living is squalor..

Not just the servicemen Matt. Many of our older citizens who paid their taxes are suffering too.

Where is Roadie is he still across the ditch????

I think he's in rehab... with the other celebrities.

Good answer Al made me laugh lots.

last thing I heard is that he is in NZ. I think Dennis (lucky57) has seen him last

Where are you Roadie? Have you fallen in love with a KIWI?

He has been abducted !!! Has a ransom been demanded ?

He's worth 25cents, the little ferret. Why bother???????

Will he be back for the SA October meet?


Where is he???????????????????

Did KIWIs LOST him?????????????????????????
Poor little guy!!!

Damn shame !!!! I thought he was going to make it back to the states !!!

Why do you want a smelly little Ferret?????

Is anyone in NZ going to admit they lost him?

He might come back with sticky fur.....

Has anyone checked Bondi Beach?

He is a bit of a perve. He could be there checking out the white pointers. (Topless bathers) Smiley-wink


I think he's hitching a ride back to Penrith in NSW Australia. He want's to do the Wild Hogs ride again.

Why would you want to take a smelly little ferret on a great weekend away?????

He's our apprentice for the trip. Feed him heaps of grog and he crashes for the night.

That sounds very much like he has picked up someone else habits. Has he flatulence as well Tezza?

Depends on what beer he has. Smiley-wink

don't give him wheat beer Smiley-wink

Poor little fella... and he was so Innocent when I passed him off to James!

Which was mistake number 1 Kyle!!!!!

Come on guys!!!!!!
Stop joking!!! I REALLY want to know where he is!!!!

Did Kiwis really lost him???????????

Yeah..what Marek sadi..where is Roadie?

I´m soo confused you know!!!! I know Dennis sended him to Kiwistorm like huh 2 months ago!!!!

And then - he became quiet like maus in the church.... I can see joke comments, but REALLY ...

IS HE LOST????????????

What Polssken and theturbo said

Where is Roadie?

Probably need to send out Bo Peep to find him in the land of the long white cloud

No Wayne - I´m serious now!
Did Kiwis lost him???

I dont know Marek I asked a few weeks ago were he was and no answer just this post

beginning to wonder like you Marek, roadie could be lost. if he had to break down and go post, postal may have sealed his fate.

I hope he isn't lost.
Of so there's going to be sone very upset members & non-members.

He's still a ferret, even if he is lost!!!!!

Why aren't any of our Kiwi cousins responding?

Probably more concerned with 4.9 on the richter scale again this week, Im sure he is in good hands and will eventual surface some where. Maybe hes on the quest re Lord Of The Rings with the other hobbits.


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