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Electrical Systems: starter, alternator, stator, battery, blinkers.
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3 Likes oh dear, this deer told me my right blinkers & brake light out (a Photo)
Hi all, I have found that my right side of Bird is not working well.  The brake light in the right...
by triumphin   4 months ago

A bad earth on the right side I would say Randy
4 months ago
0 Likes 2001 Vstar Classic 650 (a Discussion)
Hello! My bikes battery is dying while riding. I keep it on the trickle charger when it's home and...
by Heather3   8 months ago

bad starter
7 months ago
1 Like VTX1800 no elecric power to anything (a Discussion)
Rode the bike into the barn last winter, shut it off, then went to move it a few seconds later and...
by ridingdude   3 years ago

12 GaryRKnight after full charge and riding about 20-30 miles, odometer fades and screen goes blank. This has...
11 months ago
0 Likes Electrical Issues Intruder (a Discussion)
I've been through 3 batteries in 3 years in my Suzuki Intruder 1500.  Had my stader replaced and...
by Clonigro   1 year ago

3 BikerAnimal I use a battery tender to keep my battery topped up during the off season. I installed the...
1 year ago
0 Likes 01 intruder 1500 lc electrical cuts in and out. (a Discussion)
 so i have a 2001 suzuki intruder 1500 lc . and recently i would br riding and it would start to...
by joelc1500   2 years ago

so update on my bike. so after a lot of looking around and no codes popping up i eventually found...
2 years ago
0 Likes 650 v star dying (a Discussion)
My v stars battery is fully charged and it starts up without a problem but less then a mile down...
by Sean1987   2 years ago

Go ahead and get the terminals cleaned and do the load test. With most electrical troubleshooting,...
2 years ago
1 Like Dodgy indicators after downpour. (a Discussion)
Hey guys, I got caught in a downpour last week at work and my bike was outside in the midst of it...
by chopsAU   2 years ago

Thanks guys, I'll have a look and report back.
2 years ago
1 Like How To Replace a Headlight Bulb On a V-star 650 (a Video)
Great video on replacing a Headlight Bulb on a V-star 650
by uwe999   4 years ago

Much help... Thanks!
2 years ago
0 Likes Light bar wiring. (a Discussion)
Ok so I did a search of the site but couldn't find anything which addressed the specific issue I'm...
by GrimPenguin   3 years ago

Glad to hear you got it sorted
3 years ago
0 Likes Electrically connecting a JM CB to the circuits on the C90T (a Discussion)
I am installing a Handle Bar mount CB on my C90T.    I have the service manual and the electrical...
by HossRoss   3 years ago

3 years ago