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0 Likes Cobra Pipes (a Discussion)
Hello everyone, New here to the forums and thought I would ask a question, not sure if this is the...
by RandyG   1 year ago

7 scottPowderly i have standed 2017 650 V-star custom exhust never been used in my shed. message me if your still...
2 weeks ago
0 Likes Paul yaffe originals x-pipes (a Discussion)
I've seen these on a 2014 BO but when I go to their site it doesn't show that they make them for...
by GaryGScott   3 weeks ago

Search for Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation on facebook. They have a community page. I'd post your...
2 weeks ago
0 Likes Weird exhaust sound/choke problems Help!! (a Discussion)
I have a 2001 intruder 800 and I'm having 2 major problems with it. For one I usually have to...
by PhillipCarrillo   1 month ago

Run a little Sea-foam through the fuel system. Change the fuel filter if it has not been done in...
1 month ago
0 Likes '07 Yamaha xv1700 silverado cylinder sound difference (a Discussion)
One cylinder has an evenly spaced (pop pop pop pop pop) the other cylinder has a low randomly...
by rguyer1   2 months ago

That pickup is enjoying itself in Checoka Oklahoma.
2 months ago
10 Likes Tips Finished (a Photo)
Finished and painted with high temp paint. Installed and waiting to do a test ride. As I've...
by tezza   4 months ago

No Edwins. Just a low grade aluminium billet.
3 months ago
0 Likes Yamaha V-Star 1100 exhaust (a Discussion)
Hello, everybody!! Chris would like me to ask all of you of some good after market pipes for his...
by ChrisKaye   5 years ago

12 pressurewasher nice to see this post.its an informative’s really a classic bike bmw.what were the new...
4 months ago
6 Likes Loud pipes save lives (a Photo)
Stolen from another forum but thought some might find this amusing.
by AussieRay   1 year ago

I think in this's "Loud pipe assists wheel stand"
1 year ago
2 Likes Cobra 6 into 6 Exhaust for Honda F6B Bagger Motorcycle (a Video)
Kyle Bradshaw of Cruiser Customizing shows you a first look of the new 6 into 6 exhaust pipes for...
by ManyBikes   4 years ago

1 year ago
0 Likes 2009 Vstar 1300 tourer Exhaust Questions (a Discussion)
Hello I recently installed a cobra slip on, the cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Black fuel management system...
by coolitalian   1 year ago

As everyone knows,"at least thats what the video I watched said", the way to increase horse power...
1 year ago
2 Likes Two into one exhaust (a Photo)
custom two into one exhaust vt1100c2 ace
by Filthy1   1 year ago

Job well done, as all ways
1 year ago