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0 Likes Press Release! PowrFlo Air Intake System Cobra Motorcycle (a Discussion)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                      Cobra Engineering Introduces New...
by ManyBikes   7 years ago

1 JuzriFlax Looking for the powerflo intake for the Suzuki m109
1 year ago
2 Likes Air intake pics . (a Photo)
Job done , looks great goes great sounds great I'm happy . Went for a ride up to Katoomba with a...
by MikeMLC   3 years ago

Your right there Steve , I think it looks better than a Hyper Charger too .
3 years ago
8 Likes My Current Project (a Photo)
One of the problems for owners of a Boulevard C109 is the lack of aftermarket parts etc. I was...
by tezza   4 years ago

Nice job tezza I like it
4 years ago
10 Likes Finishing Touches to My Current Project (a Photo)
Added a strip of brushed stainless steel around the filter for two reasons. 1) Looks. 2) Prevent...
by tezza   4 years ago

Sweet job Terry!
4 years ago
7 Likes My Current Project Finished (a Photo)
Finished the other side intake today. Hoping to give it a big test run next weekend.
by tezza   4 years ago

Peter, they are stock filters from Jegs. ($130 the pair including delivery) I had to modify them to...
4 years ago
0 Likes A Stealth Intake Mod for 1500/1600 Vulcan Engines (a Discussion)
Currently looking at options for my bike to open up the air and add an aftermarket fuel management...
by Washbrook   4 years ago

Check out my new post on this:
4 years ago
0 Likes Arlen Ness and Cruiser Customizing Webinar How to Boost Horsepower (a Video)
Zach ness of Arlen Ness and Kyle Bradshaw of Cruiser Customizing talk about Air Kits and improving...
by ManyBikes   4 years ago

0 Likes VTX Air Intake Kit Suggestions Q&A (a Discussion)
Member Question: I have a 2006 Honda VTX1300c with Vanes & Hines pipes. and has been re-jetted...
by ManyBikes   4 years ago

4 years ago
0 Likes New cover for my BAK (a Photo)
Christian Cross cover for my Barons BAK.
by rtmhunter   5 years ago

Very Nice !!!!
5 years ago
1 Like TOTW TourMaster Intake All Weather Jacket HD Review Video (a Video)
Call 1-888-857-4517 to speak with a TourMaster specialist or visit
by ManyBikes   5 years ago

GALD YOU GOT TO OUT AND RIDE kyle i knoe you injoyed it wet or not we ride soory i was not able...
5 years ago