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4 Likes Shadow vt750 oil (a Discussion)
Hi, I have a shadow vt750 and I buy it with 20w-50 synthetic oil and I have doubt if it's the ok....
by manolopr5   6 years ago

Really 10-30 is hard to find.. It is every where around here. OK,, I use 20-50 semi synthetic. I...
2 months ago
0 Likes Oil , vstar (a Discussion)
hey guys advise sought is Nulon 20w 50 semi synthetic suitable for an 2009 Vstar 950A?
by Stevechillmaid   3 months ago

I've been using Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 in my Boulevard for 3 years without any issues.
3 months ago
0 Likes Oil in airbox (a Discussion)
I recently got my bike back from a guy that was working on it. I took it for a short ride and...
by Halley1   3 months ago

Which one is getting the oil?
3 months ago
0 Likes Oil Relocation Kit for V Star 1100 (a Discussion)
Just installed a oil relocation kit by Jardine. It leaks at the diverter. Line connections good. I...
by jridley   6 years ago

14 AlbertBrowning I keep having oil leaks around the hose connections. I have tried using sealants with temporary...
11 months ago
2 Likes why Harleys leak oil, now I know, (a Discussion)  A very interesting article for...
by triumphin   1 year ago

My Harley has NEVER leaked a drop of oil !! Annnnnnnd , besides. if a Harley leaked oil, it was...
1 year ago
0 Likes Type of oil you use in your bike. (a Discussion)
I know that there was an earlier discussion about this and I have read it but it seemed like all...
by Headbum   5 years ago

48 RonaldBBartlett Thanks for allot of the good information reference synthetic oils for motorcycles. I have been away...
1 year ago
1 Like Oil Selection (a Discussion)
I use 10w-40 AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil in my 1500cc Suzuki Intruder per manufacture recommendation....
by Moose2   2 years ago

I went to heavier viscosity oil due to hot temps in Florida...I went with Amsoil V-Twin 20W-50....
1 year ago
0 Likes Oil leak (a Discussion)
Hi I'm Chad. I was out riding other day and when I got home I notice some oil all over the bike....
by Chad10   1 year ago

yup (tappet cover) the gasket is cracked, they dry out form the exhaust heat. get one form the...
1 year ago
0 Likes Oil light on vstar 950 tourer (a Discussion)
I changed oil and filter and rode bike about 2 miles and the oil light came on. Checked level hot...
by Caveman   2 years ago

I don't know anything about this subject but I found this on a vstar forum. Thought it might help....
2 years ago
0 Likes 98 Suzuki Marauder oil and general maintenance (a Discussion)
I recently bought a 98 Suzuki Marauder with 63000 kms and I'm wondering what would be the optimal...
by Rubes   5 years ago

2 Shanelanter Checking fluids and not sure if it's the kickstand sensor or what, sometimes ignition won't fire.
2 years ago