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2 Likes why Harleys leak oil, now I know, (a Discussion)  A very interesting article for...
by triumphin   4 months ago

My Harley has NEVER leaked a drop of oil !! Annnnnnnd , besides. if a Harley leaked oil, it was...
3 months ago
0 Likes Type of oil you use in your bike. (a Discussion)
I know that there was an earlier discussion about this and I have read it but it seemed like all...
by Headbum   4 years ago

48 RonaldBBartlett Thanks for allot of the good information reference synthetic oils for motorcycles. I have been away...
7 months ago
4 Likes Shadow vt750 oil (a Discussion)
Hi, I have a shadow vt750 and I buy it with 20w-50 synthetic oil and I have doubt if it's the ok....
by manolopr5   5 years ago

16 bobv65magna I can across a form where someone said amsoil was over priced I have a friend that has used 10w 40...
10 months ago
1 Like Oil Selection (a Discussion)
I use 10w-40 AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil in my 1500cc Suzuki Intruder per manufacture recommendation....
by Moose2   12 months ago

I went to heavier viscosity oil due to hot temps in Florida...I went with Amsoil V-Twin 20W-50....
10 months ago
0 Likes Oil leak (a Discussion)
Hi I'm Chad. I was out riding other day and when I got home I notice some oil all over the bike....
by Chad10   11 months ago

yup (tappet cover) the gasket is cracked, they dry out form the exhaust heat. get one form the...
11 months ago
0 Likes Oil light on vstar 950 tourer (a Discussion)
I changed oil and filter and rode bike about 2 miles and the oil light came on. Checked level hot...
by Caveman   1 year ago

I don't know anything about this subject but I found this on a vstar forum. Thought it might help....
1 year ago
0 Likes 98 Suzuki Marauder oil and general maintenance (a Discussion)
I recently bought a 98 Suzuki Marauder with 63000 kms and I'm wondering what would be the optimal...
by Rubes   3 years ago

2 Shanelanter Checking fluids and not sure if it's the kickstand sensor or what, sometimes ignition won't fire.
1 year ago
0 Likes Oil Relocation Kit for V Star 1100 (a Discussion)
Just installed a oil relocation kit by Jardine. It leaks at the diverter. Line connections good. I...
by jridley   5 years ago

13 MarkHilbish I ran into a small oil leak as well. Found out there is a small o ring that goes between the...
1 year ago
0 Likes antoher oil question again (a Discussion)
has anyone used gn4 honda oil in their vstar 1100's?
by eynstyn   1 year ago

2 bradleybhiking My wife's uncle worked his whole career for a company that manufactures additives for the oil...
1 year ago
1 Like Synthetic versus mineral oils (a Discussion)
What is the difference between synthetic and mineral oils as it relates to motorcycles? Driving a...
by Gundog68   4 years ago

I only use full synthetic. Currently on Castrol Power 1 Racing 5W-40 and have been using that for...
2 years ago