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0 Likes R1200C Rear tire (a Discussion)
I am needing a rear tire on my 2000 R1200C. On it now is a ME880 Marathon MBS 170/80 B15 M/C 77H....
by JimVanBuskirk   5 months ago

eynstyn zoom in they look like...
5 months ago
6 Likes going for a beautiful fall ride (a Photo)
good thing I checked the air pressure in the tires. was down 8 lbs in each which makes turning...
by triumphin   1 year ago

Can't wait to see the vid and let us know if and how it works, I mean... the air pressure caps in...
1 year ago
0 Likes Tires - DOT date 0406 (a Discussion)
2007 VStar Classic - 6300 miles (had 3900 when purchased last year).  Tire tread looks good and no...
by Blackacre   2 years ago

Absolutely correct.....putting tires on my bike is one thing I do leave to the shop. I had issue...
2 years ago
0 Likes Death wobble (a Discussion)
Got a huge problem with my Silverado. It's an '02 650. Just put on new tires, yes their balanced,...
by ryansmith33865   5 years ago

39 nato1 Check your top triple tree is tight ( centre bolt ) and check upper fork tube mount bolts in triple...
3 years ago
9 Likes White Tires? (a Photo)
I noticed that the early bikes had White tires. Did a little digging and found that the first...
by Edwins   3 years ago

14 leith Very interesting Edwin Very nice bike
3 years ago
0 Likes NEW POLL What mileage do you get from your rear tyre (a Discussion)
When we talk about tyres mostly we gauge our mileage on the rear tyre.  What mileage do you get...
by beachy   5 years ago

Robert says that he's getting at least 10,000 out of a rear tire, but he also says that if we lived...
3 years ago
0 Likes What should I know about the best replacement tires (a Discussion)
I am considering replacing my tires that are the stock tires for my 2012 Kingpin. I don't really...
by CLKSEARCH   3 years ago

I've just done over14k on the Avon Cobras they are great in the wet, but the rear has feathered...
3 years ago
0 Likes Replacement Tires (a Discussion)
To all my fellow Aero riders out there, Looking for a quality, affordable rear tire. Does anyone...
by ErikL   4 years ago

I use the Metzler tires on my Aero. I am on my 2nd set of Michelin Commander II tires on the Ultra...
3 years ago
2 Likes Dangerous tires (a Discussion)
I've been riding for decades and have put hundreds of thousands of miles on my bikes. In the last...
by A1biker   4 years ago

I have no experience with the E3 but as far as the style of the tire my Sporty uses a Michelin tire...
4 years ago
1 Like Continental tyres recalled (a Discussion)
by theturbo   4 years ago